Development of a corporate website on WordPress


International Charitable Fund Patriots of Ukraine

About company:
The International Charitable Fund “Patriots of Ukraine” was created in a very difficult time for Ukraine by a group of initiative and caring people – immigrants from the Crimea, scientists and former military personnel.

Development of a corporate website for a charitable organization on WordPress. The site design was developed by the customer, our task was to bring to life what they wanted..

A strategic session with the client determined the vector of movement – it was necessary to come up with a completely new form. By transmitting through the site the emotion that we receive from charity.


Creating a site for the Patriots of Ukraine charity foundation.

Ordering a charity fund website is a specific work for a web studio. To some extent, this resource is similar to projects with marketing goals. The task here is also to bring the visitor to the click of a button, but not just to buy, but to make a donation or become a volunteer of the organization. Therefore, the creation of such a site requires knowledge of human psychology in order to direct the target audience to certain charitable activities.

Creation Specifics

BAST Studio always works closely with customers, thoroughly studying the scope of the company to create optimal content and use certain tools. A nonprofit organization’s resource requires a slightly different approach. If the tools remain the same, then the content will require a clear definition of the goals and objectives of the company, their compliance with moral and other social standards.

Therefore, before creating a charity fund website , the customer needs to provide us with certain information about his organization in order to create a more effective and relevant content, because the activities of such structures are always closely monitored by both the media and the competent authorities.

Our suggestions

Based on the experience of creating sites of non-profit organizations, we recommend

  1. On the first page, post a thematic photo corresponding to the foundation’s activities.
  2. Mandatory presence of the lead form for those wishing to contact the administration of the resource.
  3. A description of the main tasks and activities of the organization, expressed in a concise manner, understandable for quick perception, additional visualization is recommended.
  4. The presence of the buttons “Make a donation” and “Become a volunteer”.
  5. Examples of people who require various assistance, the results of the fund’s activities, a report of expenses, planned actions, etc. information from the organization’s activities.
  6. On additional pages, it is possible to post targeted articles related to the activities of the foundation, news of social policy, etc.
  7. Connect a web resource to various social networks.

The given layout of the landing page is approximate, you can order a charity fund website from BAST studio in any format and content. If you have not thought out the concept of a resource, then we will help you create it or modify it. By consolidating our efforts, it is much easier to make this world a little better, and the lives of people in distress and hardship are more comfortable and brighter.

Разработка сайта на Worepress благотворительного фонда Патриоты Украины
Разработка сайта на Worepress благотворительного фонда Патриоты Украины
Разработка сайта на Worepress благотворительного фонда Патриоты Украины
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