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In the modern world, PHP is the most popular scripting language for servers. But its capabilities are not enough today, since sites are becoming more complex and functional every year. To save programmers from complex and time-consuming work, the Laravel framework was created.

  • Ease of maintaining the project.
  • It is possible to implement any business processes, and not just those that were originally laid in the system.
  • Framework is much faster.
  • In terms of security, solutions on frameworks are much superior to self-written systems and comparable to CMS (as a rule, sites on frameworks are even safer).
  • Also, projects based on frameworks are easily scalable and modernizable.
Finalization of the site of the Sports Committee of Ukraine
Доработка корпоративного сайта производителя металлических опор освещения Металогальва
Website development for a company for the delivery of water
Разработка сайта пиццерии Duo Pizza
Разработка сайта строительных материалов Alpina
Site for the research and production enterprise "HBM-BUD"

Order the creation and development of a site on Framework Laravel

Procedure for ordering the creation and development of a site on Framework Laravel
Discuss and create an action plan

  • Discussion of the goal and clarification of tasks
  • Writing technical specifications to obtain 100% of the result.
  • Development of the prototype Framework, 3-5 options are created.
  • Signing of the contract, according to the established terms of reference.

Website development on Framework Laravel

  • Design development.
  • Design approval and prepayment of 70% of the cost.
  • Implementation of the developed design on the site.
  • Connecting the necessary functionality.
  • Filling with text.
  • A / B testing.
  • Training your specialist in working with CMS.
  • Delivery and payment of 30% of the cost.

The final step in creating the Laravel Framework

  • Domain registration.
  • Purchase and setup of a hosting.
  • Registration of a site in Google i Yandex search engines.
  • Transfer of access to the site, domain, hosting.

Website development on the Laravel Framework Terms of payment 2021


Website development on the Laravel Framework want to know the cost?

Drawing up the technical assignment
Terms of reference is where a high-quality functional product begins
Conclusion of a contract
The conclusion of a contract is a custom of business turnover, the parties must fulfill the terms of the contract.
First payment prepayment 30%
This is the payment made by the ordering buyer prior to the provision of services
Implementation of functionality on the site
Site functionality is what makes the website useful to the visitor.
Design and prototyping
Design is a content design, a collection of all graphic elements on a web page
Website design implementation
Website layout - design implementation on the customer's website
Payment upon completion of work 70%
Payment of the remaining amount under the service agreement

Order a turnkey website development on the Laravel Framework

In the modern world, PHP is the most popular scripting language for servers. But its capabilities are not enough today, since sites are becoming more complex and functional every year. To save programmers from complex and time-consuming work, the Laravel framework was created.

Laravel Benefits

Simple and effective Laravel framework is a tool for creating high-quality and functional web applications with simple and very expressive syntax. Things that are difficult to implement, such as caching, various kinds of authentications, as well as the most complex LARAVEL sessions, programmers implement easily and elegantly. We can confidently say that this is a framework in which developers tried to combine all the best that was in PHP frameworks that have been known to many years.

Now developing a site on the Laravel Framework is a great way to solve the most complex web tasks with minimal cost. Among the advantages of the product, it should be especially noted:

  • Documentation, which, if not perfect, is very close to ideal;
  • A large-scale ecosystem that allows you to quickly deploy a platform for a variety of purposes. The official website of the framework offers not only information for acquaintance with the product, but also many detailed manuals;
  • With Laravel, website development will be a fan-made process, thanks to a template engine called Blade.

Creation and Development of sites on the turnkey Laravel Framework

Despite the fact that the development of Laravel was completed only in 2011 and the framework is considered to be very young, the leading world experts do not hesitate to recognize it as completely mature. Moreover, it is well known that he has already managed to take first place in demand among web developers around the world.

Laravel features

As we have already said, Laravel is a quick development of web resources with excellent functionality. Most of the truly high-quality products in our country are made using this particular platform. Among the features of this system, the following are especially distinguished:

  • Application logic is a small part of an application under development that was announced using routes or controllers;
  • Eloquent ORM is a modern PHP ActiveRecord design. The relationships provided between the individual database objects can be defined simply and logically;
  • Packages, thanks to which it becomes possible to create and connect modules presented in the Composer format;
  • Class autoload – PHP classes are automatically loaded without requiring separate connection of their files to include.

Thanks to these and many other useful features, with Laravel it is possible to quickly develop dynamic web sites with all the many properties that demanding modern users want to see in their Internet resources.

Using the Laravel framework greatly simplifies its thorough branding. In Laravel, rapid product development is also possible due to the fact that all the special, unique elements of the system have exclusive and intuitive names.

Laravel Community

Everyone who starts working with a new framework for him must have a number of important questions regarding certain operations. If the detailed documentation provided on the developer’s site did not help, then it’s time to contact the Laravel community. The people who create this framework and work with it are always friendly and ready to help. It is also important that if you propose any changes, they will be checked in the shortest possible time, and you will be able to see the fruits of your work very soon.

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