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We are committed to the principle of minimal interference. We do most of the improvements not in the site code, but in parallel to it, without changing the core of the current system, which greatly facilitates the work with the resource for other developers, and it also makes it possible to transfer our improvements to the new system with minimal adjustments when changing the engine.

Advantages of site layout

  • SEO
  • Optimization
  • Accounting
  • Automation
  • Interfaces
  • Marketing
  • Programming
Разработка сайта визитки для охранной компании Варта-Щит
Разработка интернет магазина для market-dveri.ua
Разработка сайта лендигпейдж на WordPress gdp.ua

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Price from 1 000 UAH
Price from 1 000 UAH
Price from 1 000 UAH
Price from 1 000 UAH
Price from 85 UAH
Price from 85 UAH
Price from 600 UAH
Price from 600 UAH
Price from 2 500 UAH
Price from 600 UAH
Price from 5 000 UAH
Price from 5 500 UAH
Price from 5 000 UAH
Price from 25 000 UAH
Price from 5 000 UAH
Price from 1 000 UAH

Order a turnkey website layout

Order of work when ordering layout for sites

  • Send an email to info@webstudiobast.com with a link to your site, with comments or requirements.
  • We are analyzing the site
  • We develop a plan of the necessary work with prices for the layout of the site
  • Approving the plan, make an advance payment
  • Getting Started
  • Support and advice from 8:00 to 23:00

Order site layout

Every year the requirements for sites are increasing, and with them the demand for services related to high-quality and efficient design is growing. Once a resource could be developed by one person who is well versed in the issue, but now, in order to take into account all the nuances and get the highest quality result, the work of many specialists is used. Today you can order a site layout as a separate service for a site that already exists, but does not look very attractive to users. A layout designer, using HTML and CSS, will make the pages of your blog, online store or news portal not only attractive, but also easy to view.

What is site layout?

In simple, understandable language for all, site layout is the placement of site elements in strictly designated places. We can also say that the purpose of the layout is to provide the browser with instructions on how and where to display this or that element of the site page. As we said, HTML and CSS are used for this work. Some people confuse them with programming languages, but they have no direct relation to website creation. Modern Internet resources are programmed using PHP, and animate using JavaScript.

The skeleton of the site, which gives it the look we are used to, is created using HTML tags placed right in the text. These elements show where the paragraph should be, how much spacing is selected between lines, whether the list is numbered or not, and much more. CSS helps to expand the possibilities of HTML – it revives the layout, adding colors, attractive fonts, unusual backgrounds and much more to the site pages. To create a high-level website requires knowledge of layout languages, since the templates offered by many CMS (content management systems) very rarely can satisfy user requests. The individuality and attractiveness of your site can only be obtained through a professional page layout.

How to order a site layout?

If you have a website, but you want to make it convenient, understandable and attractive for everyone, then the specialists of the BAST web design studio will help you. Professional layout of sites of any type and subject can be done by our specialists quickly and at a very attractive price. Among the advantages of cooperation with us, it is worth noting:

  • Highly qualified specialists;
  • Prompt execution of works of any complexity;
  • Exceptional layout quality;
  • Warranty for the work performed;
  • Individual approach to each client;
  • Flexible prices.

Web studio “Bast” is a company that provides a full list of services, including website development. Novelting, as a way to optimize a site for its use by users, is no less demanded of our service. We work only officially, concluding a contract and strictly adhering to the technical specifications drawn up according to the wishes of the client. At any stage of our team’s work, the customer can see the intermediate result and make corrections or make comments. To order a layout for a site in Bast, you do not need to understand the Web – you just have to tell us how its visitors should see your resource. Extensive work experience allows us to perform work quickly and efficiently.

Not sure where to start? Contact our managers and learn more about our capabilities. Our designers and layout designers will help you develop a design concept and bring it to life. Your site should be profitable, and we will take care of it.

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