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Order turnkey article writing for your site

Content is important for each site, try not to save on it. Good and quality content costs money. You can order from us: copywriting, rewriting, SEO copywriting, SEO rewriting, copyright and PR articles, texts for the site, proofreading, proofreading, writing news for the site.

Benefits of ordering custom articles

  • Work of a group of copywriters who can write information on any topic, using different writing styles
  • Employee Experience
  • We value reputation, therefore the goal of employees is to achieve efficiency and results
  • Submission of articles on time, adjustments depending on the wishes of the customer
  • A unique and interesting text that is written in human language
  • Search Engine Friendly Text
  • Individual approach to presentation of information
Finalization of the site of the Sports Committee of Ukraine
Доработка корпоративного сайта производителя металлических опор освещения Металогальва
Website development for a company for the delivery of water

We provide the following services

Price from 1 000 UAH
Price from price from 1 000 UAH UAH
Price from 1 000 UAH
Price from 1 000 UAH
Price from 600 UAH
Price from 600 UAH
Price from 600 UAH
Price from 1 000 UAH

Turnkey articles on order

Procedure for writing articles to order

  • Send an email to info@webstudiobast.com with a link to your site, comments or requirements
  • Within 30 minutes you will receive a response with preliminary quotations
  • We agree and make corrections according to the texts
  • We begin to write articles to order
  • Support and consultation from 8:00 to 23:00

Writing articles to order Terms of payment


Writing articles to order want to know the cost?

Drawing up the technical assignment
Terms of reference is where a high-quality functional product begins
Conclusion of a contract
The conclusion of a contract is a custom of business turnover, the parties must fulfill the terms of the contract.
First payment prepayment 30%
This is the payment made by the ordering buyer prior to the provision of services
Implementation of functionality on the site
Site functionality is what makes the website useful to the visitor.
Design and prototyping
Design is a content design, a collection of all graphic elements on a web page
Website design implementation
Website layout - design implementation on the customer's website
Payment upon completion of work 70%
Payment of the remaining amount under the service agreement

Turnkey custom articles

Change the article. Change the unique article for the site.

Today, many manufacturing companies, online stores and other business structures have their own online resources that need to be filled with interesting and advertising content. Thanks to this, a new specialty appeared – “copywriter,” that is, a person who writes articles to order. Unfortunately, this type of activity is also flourishing in social and political journalism, but we will not talk about this today.

 Writing articles to order

For this work, you need to have two qualities – to be able to quickly and easily find the information you need, and to be able to clearly, convincingly and correctly present it. Writing articles to order today is still not a very profitable business, prices range mainly from 45 hryvnias to hundreds per thousand printed characters. But for those who are used to living in the world of the World Wide Web, this activity is a real drug. After all, by advertising products and services you will definitely learn something new, expand your horizons and contact area.

About custom articles for turnkey websites

 writing articles to order

Freelancers do not necessarily write custom articles. Some companies hire full-time copywriters, especially when it comes to expanding the market or new types of promotional products.

There is also such a way of writing articles to order as participation in tenders from any organizations declared on copywriter exchanges. Such work is for people who are confident in their abilities and not afraid of competition.

Recently, the Internet is also replete with organizations involved in SEO optimization of products and services of various companies, attracting copywriters – advertisers to this work. Those who turn to similar companies to write articles on order have a much greater chance that visitors to their sites will reach the assortment and price lists. There are companies involved in filling donor sites, that is, promoting topics of interest to the customer, as well as image pages that attract copywriters.

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