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Order a site on a turnkey basis, which will bring the result!

1. Counseling.

Initially, you need to determine the type of site, structure, color scheme.

2. Planning.

We make a detailed plan for the development and creation of your site on a turn-key basis. Each stage is discussed with you personally.

3. Implementation.

At this stage, the development of the site design, its layout, programming, connection of the content management system (CMS), content filling.

4. Testing.

Defines all errors, inaccuracies and resource malfunctions that are eliminated before the next stage.

5. Launching.

The site is transferred to your domain and the whole world can see it.

Order a website in our web studio! And we will help your business!

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Features of development of sites and conducting Internet resources

At present, in a highly competitive environment, entrepreneurs have to look for new methods and technologies to attract attention to themselves, their goods or services. The site on the Internet, on which the exhaustive information about the company will be posted, is the best advertisement of your activity. Website development on a turnkey basis will help to promote services or goods, while not taking away a lot of money resources, forces and time.

Motivation for ordering a site

In the cruel world of constant rivalry, every second confrontation and unequal competition, in order to stay in the market, it is simply necessary to take urgent measures to promote the goods, services, image of the company. Since most consumers switched to the Internet, entrepreneurs are forced to take the same step. Order a site in Kiev from professional developers – it’s an opportunity to keep up with competitors, to keep the customer base and replenish it with new consumers. The resource can fulfill several purposes at once – to acquaint the client with the services of the company, motivate them to purchase, attract consumers from this segment on the Internet, sell the product or service. If you do not create a website, the entrepreneur condemns himself to the loss of the audience, as well as the inevitable decline in business efficiency.

How to create a website correctly

In order to find out about as many people as possible about your company, you need to properly advertise it. With the first thing you need to decide – which way you want to create a website. There are three options, which will result in the development of web sites. 

Develop everything yourself

In this case, you have to learn from scratch all the necessary technologies to create the original code, which will be very difficult if you are a beginner. Then work with the designer who will execute the template. Subsequently, there is a link to the implemented software base. The final step is to buy a hosting and host the site on the network. Subject to a positive process, this will be a unique performance with a sufficiently high degree of protection and complete independence. However, it takes a lot of time to study the materials needed in this case, and to reproduce the knowledge gained in the created creation. This option is suitable for people who want to improve in their knowledge, to develop many-sidedly in different fields and to try their hand at web programming. From this stage, a new wave of programmers begins, which, having learned and “practiced” once, subsequently use their template platform in other constructions, only on a paid basis. You can order a website from them. But it will be more “handicraft” work, than a site from professionals. After all, on the study of this industry, specialists take more than one year of time, and the practice is calculated not by a dozen implemented projects.

Use the ready core platform

It is clear that the knowledge of programming languages ​​can drag on for a long period. And it’s not a fact that the operation will be successful, so it makes sense to use the prepared database of another artist. At the same time, the finished project is taken, installed on the local server and the filling of its structure begins. This can be a catalog of goods sold with relevant thematic photos, descriptions and qualities, technical characteristics, if the conversation is about the mechanisms, information about certain promotions, if any, as well as advertising appeals for the purchase of this product. After the site is locally ready, the actions are implemented according to the first scheme – the purchase of the server and the domain. Then the implemented site is transferred to the real server, the troubles that arise during the process are eliminated and the resource is ready.

The advantages of this method are such factors:

  1. site can be done in two to three days;
  2. a huge number of ready-made templates;
  3. the opportunity to independently implement their ideas.

Still there are shortcomings.

  • There is no guarantee of complete reliability, since the base is not unique and public, so hackers can easily study approaches to it, find weaknesses and hack. Required security updates, although after that there is no certainty that web criminals will not find a way to harm your “offspring”. Developers of anti-virus systems simply do not keep up with pirated companies, so the ready-made template site is extremely vulnerable to hacking.
  • Frequent updates to ready-made platforms interfere with the operation of sites based on them. The changes can be so dramatic that the original templates change and then you have to put the resource in order for a long time and translate your system into a new version.
  • If you use a free version of the platform, if you fail in the operation, you will have to deal with it yourself, since technical support is not provided in this case.
  • As you might expect, you must pay for good quality of the base. Most of the ready-made templates are quite expensive, and not everyone can afford it. At the same time, you usually pay for this regularly: once a year.
  • For a good-quality site should choose a high-quality server, and in this field there is a huge number of scammers.
  • A set of modules that implements certain site templates that are used by most enterprises in different fields of activity, and the design is the same for everyone, so the unique design of the resource will be unavailable. Some items of the basic functionality are mandatory for installation, the rest can be supplemented depending on the options provided by the site, however, “your” in the template does not add.

Creation of sites with the help of SAAS-service

In the market this innovation appeared not so long ago, but still actively replaces the previous two versions. This is a great help in the field of development. Here everything is simple – go through the registration in the chosen service, enter the domain, select a template, add services or goods and wait for new customers. Advantages and disadvantages of this option:

  • not having special professional data the site can be made in two or three days;
  • security is maintained at the highest level;
  • technical support is provided by the employees of the service, in contrast to the use of free platforms.

Of course, there is a serious flaw:

  1. I can not order a site cheaply – SAAS-services require high amounts for promotion, creating resources;
  2. often the security of the service suffers;
  3. you are not a full owner of the site, since it is in the possession of the service.

Which option is more profitable? Can it be better to turn to professionals?

All three species listed have the right to life. What to choose is up to you. Or you will develop in your knowledge on the programming territory, or follow the election of a more beaten track, or trust experts and craftsmen. Your dilemma is solvable. The variety of companies and services that are ready to help in starting a lot. As you can see, each of the above options has its drawbacks, but there is another way out, which has a higher efficiency. It is most profitable to order the development of the site from a young but experienced and reliable company, such as the web studio “Bast”. Development of sites by our forces becomes not only a convenient function, but also a categorical one – as a result, a website created according to your requirements passes to you. There is no need to have a certain knowledge in programming, to spend time studying them, to solve problems with creating templates – you can simply order the site on a turnkey basis with Bast web studio and use 100%.

How to properly promote the site?

The proposed site should be useful to the final visitor and filled with appropriate and relevant materials on the selected topic. It is desirable to add unique pictures, well-executed graphics, video and audio fragments, electronic database of information. These simple methods help to attract the attention of users. Links to your site, located in social networking groups, help bring buyers from third-party resources. Having gained a client base, it is possible to offer some paid services in the form of training disks and audiobooks, having developed thus system of orders and payment. You can order a website (Kyiv) without problems – contact the managers of Bast company to discuss all the details, details.

What does Bast Studio offer?

The company “Bast” offers not only the service of creating sites, but also additional functions in this direction. Specifically:

  • site update – the addition of fresh content that meets the modern requirements of search engines;
  • resource support – an experienced administrator will constantly monitor the site, adding information on time, registering traffic, preventing malicious programs from getting into the technical part of the resource;
  • service – a package of services aimed at updating all parts of the resource;
  • revision – correction of errors of other programmers, improvement of the resource at the request of the client.

Entrust the fate of your site to professionals, contact the web studio “Bast”!

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