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Quality service is, first of all, the high competence of specialists. Yes, namely, specialists (in the plural). By concluding an agreement with the SEO studio “TOP” you get the support of a manager, administrator, programmer, SEO specialist and designer. An integrated approach and high qualification of each specialist gives a stable growth of the project.

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  • You don’t need to hire an additional employee in the staff or appoint a person responsible for the resource of the company’s system administrator or secretary (after all, the additional load may adversely affect the quality of performing direct duties).
  • You get the support of programmers, SEO experts, designers, copywriters and layout designers
  • Technical Support – 24/7
  • Protection and cleaning of viruses, restoration of access in case of hacking
  • Preparation and placement of high-quality unique content
  • Advice on improving search engine rankings
  • Your web resource will always be relevant and interesting for both visitors and search engines
Finalization of the site of the Sports Committee of Ukraine
Доработка корпоративного сайта производителя металлических опор освещения Металогальва
Website development for a company for the delivery of water
Доработка сайта на Опенкарт для магазина профессиональной аквариумистики

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Price from 1 000 UAH
Price from 1 000 UAH
Price from 1 000 UAH
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Price from 600 UAH
Price from 600 UAH
Price from 85 UAH
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Price from 5 000 UAH
Price from 5 000 UAH
Price from 5 500 UAH
Price from 5 000 UAH
Price from 25 000 UAH
Price from 5 000 UAH
Price from 7500 UAH
Price from 7500 UAH
Price from 5000 UAH
Price from 4500 UAH
Price from 4500 UAH
Price from 7500 UAH
Price from 7500 UAH
Price from 7500 UAH

Turnkey website maintenance

How to maintain your site

  • Send an email to with a link to your site, with comments or TK requirements.
  • We evaluate the work according to the terms of reference for the site
  • We approve the cost and terms
  • We’re developing a monthly maintenance plan for the site
  • We approve the plan, make a prepayment
  • Getting Started
  • Support and consultation from 8:00 to 23:00

Site maintenance options order on a turnkey basis

Everyone who wants his business to generate income understands the importance of having a website. Indeed, in the modern world, few dare to search for a contractor or supplier, focusing on ads pasted on poles or porches. And in themselves companies that do not have their own website do not inspire confidence in anyone. Thus, we can safely say that the site has become a kind of face of the company. But in order for it to be an effective tool for attracting customers, you must constantly take care of it. In this case, timely technical support of the site will be mandatory. It is she who will ensure the trouble-free operation of your resource.

What is the point of technical support for the site

For those who are far from the IT sphere, sometimes it becomes unclear the need for technical support for the site. This is motivated by the fact that the site is made , works and performs the function assigned to it. Hence the question – why do something else with him. However, this approach may turn out to be beneficial only for your competitors, because very soon, without constant support and site refinement , your resource will stop working correctly. Accordingly, the flow of customers will dry up, redirecting to other companies offering similar services and products. As a rule, without support, sites start:

  • Be uninteresting to potential customers. They are morally obsolete and cannot offer what is interesting to consumers.
  • They begin to slow down and work incorrectly, because customers prefer to go to other resources so as not to waste their time.
  • They contain irrelevant information regarding the cost and list of services or goods, which annoys customers a lot, because they often perceive it as a fraud.
  • Lose your ranking and cease to be ranked by search engines.
  • The content filling the site no longer meets the desired queries and selection criteria for the search results.

About lossless site services for turnkey positions

Site maintenance. High-quality service of your site.

Site maintenance. Quality service for your site.

Even the presence of one of these factors can hurt the company’s budget and its turnover. And, given the fact that the technical support of the site costs much less than the risk of losing customers, then saving on it is simply illogical. Therefore, if you want your resource to work correctly and bring benefits to the company, you should not reduce the cost of its support in any case.

What does competent technical support of the site provide?

Of course, if a schoolchild or student who is barely versed in developing and promoting Internet resources will be serving your resource , then the benefits of this event will be controversial. But if you decide to trust the professionals, then the effect will be worth it. If you do not go into details, then the technical support of the site is a set of measures aimed at maintaining the Internet resource in working condition, able to satisfy the requests of the corresponding target audience. Speaking more specifically, the nuances of each resource are different, and therefore the support of different sites will have significant differences.

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