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Bad positions in the search engines Yandex and Google? Low attendance? No calls? SEO Analysis of the site will show the bad sides and help to find answers to a number of questions. SEO site analysis is a detailed analysis of an online resource, which is carried out with the aim of promoting it and general improvement (convenient functionality, ease of use, and so on). Auditing allows not only to promote the resource to the top positions, but also to improve its usability and content in general.

Benefits of SEO Website Analysis

  • Identify site errors
  • Fix bugs or bugs
  • Improve site usability
  • Increase Conversions
  • Add a competitive edge
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Turnkey Internet Marketing

Price from 10946 UAH
Price from 17711 UAH
Price from 10946 UAH
Price from 17711 UAH
Price from 10946 UAH
Price from 10946 UAH
Price from 10946 UAH
Price from 10946 UAH
Price from 17711 UAH
Price from 17711 UAH
Price from 10946 UAH
Price from 10946 UAH
Price from 10946 UAH

Integrated SEO site analysis

Workflow for SEO site analysis

  • Send an email to [email protected] with a link to your site, with comments or requirements.
  • Keyword Analysis.
  • Analysis of the site structure.
  • Technical audit of the site.
  • Content Analysis.
  • Link Analysis.
  • Social activity.
  • Competitor Analysis.
  • Develop a plan for optimization and promotion.
  • Approval of the Plan.
  • Get an audit report of your site.
  • Support and consultation from 8:00 to 23:00
  • We give a guarantee of 1 year for the work done (with the condition to adhere to the plan).

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Drawing up the technical assignment
The technical task is where a high-quality functional product begins
Conclusion of a contract
The conclusion of a contract is a custom of business turnover, the parties must fulfill the terms of the contract
First payment prepayment 30%
This is the payment made by the customer-ordering customer prior to the provision of services.
Analyzing the project niche
Before starting a new project, we analyze the niche in which we are going to work.
We approve the action plan
An action plan is a document that lists and explains steps or actions
Implementation of the action plan
Implementation of the action plan according to the developed and approved action plan
Payment upon completion of work 70%
Payment of the remaining amount under the service agreement

Complex SEO turnkey website analysis services

In order for your resource to always work effectively, you need to make an objective assessment of the site or, in other words, analyze the developed site in order to know what state it is in. So you can avoid the comments in the future.

What will you learn after the site analysis?

After the monitoring, you will be able to study the indicators of the resource, find out which sites are there, the number of indexed pages, calculate the number of marks about your site, and a list of all referring pages. You can also see the age of your resource, the information where it is located, its IP address.

Frequency of checks

This check is carried out periodically, once or twice a decade, because it displays only the main indicators, and they change extremely rarely, so every day to analyze and see the changes do not make sense. But to forget about the resource is also not worth it,SEO Site Analysis. Order SEO site analysis. Search engine seo analysis of the site professionals recommend once every 2-3 weeks. This period will be enough to see the periodicity of site growth and statistical errors in the calculations. To bring the site to the top of search engines for specific requests, you need to analyze in a timely manner.

Order a comprehensive turnkey SEO analysis

Information that comes to you after site analysis:

  • the name, history and keywords of the web resource;
  • domain state;
  • date of registration and registration data;
  • ranking in the search engines, counting the exact number of indexed pages;
  • number of site visits;
  • page loading speed;
  • check sites of competitors.

The analysis will show the full statistics of site traffic, the area of its visitors, will count the backlinks to the analyzed project. In a word, site analysis on the service is truly voluminous, complex, does not require additions. The site analysis has a special ability, it has the ability to remember all previous analyzed stages and display it on the graph. Diagnostics of the site affects such aspects:

  • common mistakes;
  • design flaws;
  • Other factors that interfere with indexing and movement;
  • inefficient advertising.

Methods of site analysis

To conduct the analysis you need to inspect the object from all sides. For this, methods that are directed at a certain spectrum of services.

  1. Analysis of qualitative data. One of the simple methods that the masses can use.
  2. Comparative characteristics of statistical data. Will help to analyze information about the site visit, the behavior of the user on it.
  3. Modeling behavioral factors. You think that finding a product on your website is easy, but it may not be so. The analysis of the site will reveal even the smallest, in your opinion, problems: fine print, the presence of unnecessary advertisements, a complicated registration process, poor layout of icons.
  4. Simplex method. It is used to survey the resource on key indicators. The presence of key phrases in textual content, the number of links per section, the overall relevance indicator. After checking the status of the site is increased, and allows users to access the pages that are really relevant to the search query.

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