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Each site can be divided into 2 parts – a working one and a technical one. The working part is what the user sees when opening the page. The technical part is invisible to prying eyes, it is a set of tools that ensure the functioning of the site, its accurate, correct operation.

  • Ease of maintaining the project.
  • It is possible to implement any business processes, and not just those that were originally laid in the system.
  • Framework is much faster.
  • In terms of security, solutions on frameworks are much superior to self-written systems and comparable to CMS (as a rule, sites on frameworks are even safer).
  • Also, projects based on frameworks are easily scalable and modernizable.
Finalization of the site of the Sports Committee of Ukraine
Разработка интернет магазина для крупной медицинской компании в Украине и Ближнего зарубежья
Разработка сайт на WordPress для аграрной компании Delta Agro
Разработка сайта пиццерии Duo Pizza
Разработка сайта по противопожарной сигнализации

JavaScript Framework Website Development procedure

JavaScript Framework Website Development How to create a selling website?

Let's look at a simple example


Action plan

up to 12 days

As a rule, in the course of a conversation, we discuss a lot and do not always have time to write everything down or draw up an action plan. Therefore, it is better to put everything on paper or draw up a technical task in a document.
Discussion of the set goal and clarification of tasks
A preliminary technical assignment is drawn up when discussing goals and objectives over the phone, or, as often happens, the document is sent by e-mail. Therefore, it is advisable to speak it with the customer in person at the meeting, or as it will be convenient.

up to 1 day

Collection and analysis of requirements
Collecting requirements is one of the most important stages in the creation of information systems and Internet sites in particular. The final result will depend on how accurately and fully all the wishes of the customer in the process of designing the site will be taken into account: will we get the site “for show” or it will be an effective business tool that will bring profit to its owner.

up to 3 days

Prototype development
This is a draft, trial version, sketch. The goal is to check the suitability of the proposed solutions, to demonstrate the technical capabilities to the customer at the early stages of the development process.

up to 3 days

Signing a contract
A contract is an important document governing your relationship with a development company. Naturally, the developers try to minimize their risks in the contract by prescribing some conditions. Lawyers will tell you what you should pay attention to.

up to 7 days


Site creation

up to 30 days

Website development process

Website design development

A modern fast web tool with a unique design and a set of functions you need, which will become your effective representation on the Internet. It will give you the opportunity to attract new customers, quickly and easily distribute, demonstrate and publish the information you need. Will increase the prestige of the company, its authority and recognition. Demonstrates your professionalism.

up to 7 days

Design approval

Design approval with the customer. Making a list of design edits and clarifications.

up to 3 days

Implementation of the developed design on the site

After the design layouts have been created, they need to be laid out, in other words, connected with the program code. The quality of the layout of the resource immediately catches your eye when you go to any site - if some element is poorly displayed, the image overlaps each other, or other artifacts appear, then the resource is of poor quality.

up to 14 days

Connecting the required functionality

We create technical configurations. We program the functionality taking into account the specifics of the type of activity of clients and the technical task, or a completed Brief for the development of a turnkey website.

up to 14 days

Filling with text

The creation of quality texts for the internal pages of a website is one of the common tasks performed by a professional copywriter. Such text content, both regular and optimized (seo copywriting), is used both to fill Internet pages and to attract additional search traffic.

up to 14 days

A / B testing

A / B testing is a marketing technique used to measure and manage the performance of a web page. This method is also called split testing (split testing).

up to 14 days

Training your specialist to work with CMS

We will train your staff how to work with the created website.

up to 5 days

Delivery of the project

Checking the site for the fulfillment of the customer's technical specifications.

up to 5 days


The final stage

up to 7 days

Project transfer to customer hosting

If you have no experience in transferring a site to a new hosting, then it is better to entrust this business to us. We will do it quickly, efficiently and at the same time not harm your site.

up to 1 day

Checking the work of the site on the new hosting

Testing the project on a new hosting. As a rule, at this moment a group of testers is working, which describes all the bugs.

up to 5 days

Site registration in Google and Yandex search engines

After eliminating all the comments, we register the site in the search engines Google and Yandex

up to 1 day

Transfer of access to the site, domain, hosting

Передаем все доступы и права на сайт заказчику. Подписываем акт выполненных работ

up to 1 day


JavaScript Framework Website Development Terms of payment 2023


JavaScript Framework Website Development want to know the cost?

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Drawing up the technical assignment
Terms of reference is where a high-quality functional product begins
Conclusion of a contract
The conclusion of a contract is a custom of business turnover, the parties must fulfill the terms of the contract.
First payment prepayment 30%
This is the payment made by the ordering buyer prior to the provision of services
Implementation of functionality on the site
Site functionality is what makes the website useful to the visitor.
Design and prototyping
Design is a content design, a collection of all graphic elements on a web page
Website design implementation
Website layout - design implementation on the customer's website
Payment upon completion of work 70%
Payment of the remaining amount under the service agreement

Order turnkey JavaScript Framework website development

Each site can be divided into 2 parts – a working one and a technical one. The working part is what the user sees when opening the page. The technical part is invisible to prying eyes, it is a set of tools that ensure the functioning of the site, its accurate, correct operation. Various programming languages ​​are used to create the technical part.

Website development html, css, javascript

Consider such a difficult process as creating a site: html, css, javascript – programming languages ​​that are directly involved in this process.

Using HTML, markup documents, it is a kind of building material for web pages. Browsers easily recognize it and display the page in a user-friendly way. HTML organizes the structure of the text by inserting pictures, tables, and other elements. It is registered using tags.

Tags are HTML elements. Everything that is written inside the tag is called its content. This is what we see on the web page. Tags are opening ( < h 1 >), they are placed at the beginning of a word or phrase. And closing, that is, tags that are placed at the end of the phrase ( < / h 1 > ). Tags are always used in pairs ( < h 1 > < / h 1 > ). CCS – cascading style sheets. With the help of this language, website developers make out the appearance of the pages. This is the external facing of the site, with its help you can change the style and size of elements, make them more attractive. All parameters are written in the CCS tables. Thanks to CCS, we observe various effects, animations and various interesting things on the site.

Creation and Development of sites on turnkey JavaScript Framework

Creating a site in JavaScript allows you to use different opportunities for communication with the user, without having to reload the page. Clicking on the keyboard, resizing the window, moving the mouse and performing many other useful actions is called upon by this language. Various pictures, images, photo galleries, pop-up menus are developed using JavaScript tools.

These features of the JavaScript language make it indispensable for creating sites. It can easily change the style of HTML tags, which opens up endless possibilities for web designers.

Creating a javascript website from scratch

Bast Studio is engaged in the development and creation of various sites for any customer requirements. Creating a javascript website from scratch is one of our activities.

5 reasons to choose our web studio:

  • we work directly with the customer;
  • we make sites both according to templates, and taking into account all the wishes of the client;
  • apply fundamentally new schemes and solutions in our work;
  • place orders quickly;
  • we accompany your site in the future: add new pages, change the design, etc.

Bast Web Studio will make your site truly selling. Contact us and together we will draw up the terms of reference for the submitted project. Your site will be adapted to any mobile devices, it will have a unique design and ease of use.

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