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Do you want to start the site in work? But the developer disappeared somewhere? Not answering calls? Not responding to mail? OpenCart Content Management System? I will help you finish the development of the site! Or make new changes, update, fill!

Advantages of ordering a site revision on Joomla

  • Increase site loading speed
  • Finalization of additional functionality
  • Set up a basket, connect online payment, add delivery methods
  • Create an order form with a minimum number of fields
  • Troubleshooting code errors, Setting up smooth operation
  • Scan and remove viruses
  • Internal code optimization for search engine promotion
  • Adding fields with meta data
  • Create sitemap.xml sitemap and robots.txt file
  • Integration with 1s and My Warehouse
  • Download products from .xls .xlsx .csv .json .xml .ods Google Spreadsheet
  • Creating an unloading of goods for Hotline Prom Rozetka Google Merchant and more than 20 others
Finalization of the site of the Sports Committee of Ukraine
Разработка сайт Your Stylish Hunter дизайнерская одежда для собак

Modifying the turnkey Joomla

The order of work when finalizing the online store on Joomla

  • Send an email to [email protected] with a link to your site, with comments or requirements or TK
  • I’m doing an analysis of TK
  • Within 2 hours, depending on the terms of reference, I will give you an offer to finalize the site on Joomla
  • We approve the time and deadlines
  • Prepayment of 30%, the rest after the work done
  • As an option, we can conclude a contract, you can pay for the completion of the site on Joomla after the work done
  • Support and consultation from 8:00 to 23:00

Completion of sites on Joomla turnkey terms of payment 2024


Completion of sites on Joomla turnkey want to know the cost?

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Drafting of TOR
A technical task is what a high-quality functional product begins with
Conclusion of an agreement
The conclusion of an agreement is a custom of business turnover, the parties must fulfill the terms of the agreement
First payment 30% advance
This is a payment made by the buyer-customer before the services are provided.
Making changes according to the TOR
Making changes according to the TOR
Testing edits
Testing edits
Checking edits by the customer
Checking edits by the customer
Payment upon completion of work 70%
Payment of the balance of the amount under the service agreement

Order improvements for turnkey Joomla sites

Today, the free content management system Joomla is one of the most popular in the world, yielding on demand only CMS WordPress. Interest in the system is caused not only by the lack of payment for use – Joomla offers a wide range of ready-made solutions for sites of various subjects, as well as a wide range of tools for web developers. Updating the site to Joomla can set itself the goal of changing the design or functionality of the resource, as well as bringing the work begun to build the site to its logical conclusion. Is site development on this CMS a simple task? Experts confidently say that Joomla in the process often presents unexpected and not always pleasant surprises. The disadvantages of this system include not the most understandable coding principle, failures in upgrades, and an interface that is difficult to call intuitively understandable. In addition, the sites that run on Joomla are very capricious about security issues and may have problems with page load speed.

What does Joomla enhancement include?

Under the concept of Joomla, you can understand a variety of actions aimed at improving the appearance or functionality of the site. More often than not, experts produce the following actions in the process of such work::

  • Improvement of site components;
  • Work on resource plugins;
  • Changes in the modules.

A set of works relating to the first point is carried out to expand the site’s capabilities and add new functionality. It can be a callback form, catalog search, goods export to the store from the warehouse accounting system, and much more. Changes in the modules – this is the completion of existing models according to the personal wishes of the customer. These works allow to significantly expand the standard functions and enable them to solve specific tasks of the client with their help. Completing the plug-ins is an excellent opportunity to simplify the administration of the resource and expand its software capabilities.

Completion and modernization of a Joomla site on a turnkey basis

Despite the fact that Joomla is one of the simplest content management systems, it’s better to trust it with professionals. Completing the site, especially associated with the current business, is always a very important task, because in case of problems the company can lose serious money. That’s why to solve the problems of refinement refer to qualified professionals who have experience in working with Joomla and a clear understanding of all the subtleties of this CMS. If you decide to change your site for the better, make it more effective, more attractive and more functional, then we are ready to help you in this matter and offer professional revision of any type of sites working on Joomla. Our experts perfectly know how to make your resource work reliably and bring maximum benefit to you and its visitors. You can also order a site on a turn-key basis.

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