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Dating site for medium and large businesses. It is aimed at dating single people. With the help of a dating site you can find your half.

Benefits of a dating site

  • The most simple dating site navigation.
  • Short page creation time.
  • Fast loading dating site.
  • Ability to host multiple dating sites on the same domain.
  • Control of statistics, the ability to track how text and photos affect the conversion of a dating site.
  • The ability to quickly collect visitors’ contacts (the feedback form is used in this case 30% more often).
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Price from 55 000 UAH
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Price from 7 500 UAH
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Price from 10 000 UAH
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Order a dating site

Creation and procedure for ordering a dating site
Discuss and create an action plan

  • Discussion of the goal and clarification of tasks.
  • Writing technical specifications to obtain 100% of the result.
  • Development of a prototype dating site, 3 – 5 options are created.
  • Signing of the contract, according to the established terms of reference.

Creating a dating site

  • Designing a dating site.
  • Approval of the design of a dating site and an advance payment of 70% of the cost.
  • Implementation of the developed design on the site.
  • Connecting the necessary functionality.
  • Filling with text.
  • A / B testing.
  • Training your specialist in working with CMS.
  • Delivery of a dating site and payment of 30% of the cost of a dating site.

The final step in creating a dating site

  • Domain registration.
  • Purchase and setup of a hosting.
  • Registration of a site in Google i Yandex search engines.
  • Transfer of access to the site, domain, hosting,.

Creation of sites for dating Terms of payment 2021


Creation of sites for dating want to know the cost?

Drawing up the technical assignment
Terms of reference is where a high-quality functional product begins
Conclusion of a contract
The conclusion of a contract is a custom of business turnover, the parties must fulfill the terms of the contract.
First payment prepayment 30%
This is the payment made by the ordering buyer prior to the provision of services
Implementation of functionality on the site
Site functionality is what makes the website useful to the visitor.
Design and prototyping
Design is a content design, a collection of all graphic elements on a web page
Website design implementation
Website layout - design implementation on the customer's website
Payment upon completion of work 70%
Payment of the remaining amount under the service agreement

Order the creation of a turnkey dating site

Time does not stop, it runs at a frantic speed, not allowing anyone to come to their senses. Home, work, study, supermarket and home again. For people with children, a kindergarten or school is wedged in. Here is the algorithm of all adulthood, the circle of communication in which is often limited. Therefore, various dating sites are gaining more and more popularity today. Such resources are popular among all segments of the population, therefore they affect all ages without exception.

The student can search for colleagues, love or friendship on the resource. Single people who are divorced want to feel family happiness. Someone is looking for a partner for a short time or for regular meetings. They are also looking for a soul mate for communication, a travel companion for relaxation or for interests. Everyone has their own goals, but the sites also differ in a certain subject. Therefore, if you are thinking about the need to order a dating site, you need to decide on the goals that will satisfy your portal.

  1. General website. Here you can simply spend time in the evenings in correspondence, look for love or a partner to create a family, or flirt without continuing.
  2. A resource on interests, which include studies, hobbies, work, various hobbies, sports, including extreme. Visitors talk about their desires, achievements, just communicate. They ask for advice, share experiences, spend leisure time together.
  3. Dating site for creating a family. By ordering a family dating dating site, you are doing a noble cause, allowing people to find their happiness, sometimes very distant or living in a neighboring house.
  4. Foreign dating site. Girls and women who dream of overseas princes are looking for a soul mate here.
  5. Page for passing acquaintances. An adult audience is looking for partners for the night or for a long relationship. And there who knows, maybe this will turn into something more serious (if of course there is a desire).

Creation and development of turnkey dating sites

Given the enormous competition in this area, the number of people willing to order a site is growing rapidly. To be in the top in your subject, you need to think carefully about the content of the site, make it unique, and interest users. This profitable business attracts many, but in the absence of the necessary knowledge, it will be very difficult to make a worthy site yourself. But you have the opportunity to order a dating site from professionals in the Bast web studio. Proper website design, a spectacular name, and a memorable logo that will become a famous brand in the future are needed. Light and at the same time sonorous name is the key to success.

The portal should be user-friendly, vibrant and pleasing in appearance, easily perceived by different people. It is necessary to take care of the selection of colors. During virtual communication, as in real life, the atmosphere, a pleasant combination of colors, chamber, calm atmosphere or, on the contrary, a riot of colors are important. All this will set the guests to a certain rhythm of communication. Depending on the topic, you can order a dating site with different content and color scheme. For a page of fleeting impressions, you can experiment with bright colors, for example with red, which symbolizes passion. If the site is dedicated to creating a family, long-term and serious relationship, then pastel colors will suit much better.

Comfort comes first. If the resource will be adapted to mobile devices, then your visitors will appreciate it. After all, with the advent of tablets and a smartphone, communication is not limited only to evening viewing of your favorite pages, users from mobile devices conduct it around the clock.


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