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Order a website in Zhytomyr on a turnkey basis

We offer business solutions. Since 2008, BAST studio has been working in the markets of Ukraine and the CIS countries, Europe, the USA, offering fast and functional solutions. Modern UX / UI design, safe modular CMS for every successful project!

  • We work under a contract.
  • Interacting with customers around the world
  • Savings on advertising
  • Working for the company’s image
  • Modern solutions in the field of web technologies.
  • You are the full owner of the site. Documents, domain – in your name.
Раработка сайтя для торгового центра DigITall в городе Запорожье
Редизайн сайта и доработка функционала на Ocstore 3 protok
Разработка сайта визитки для охранной компании Варта-Щит
Разработка интернет магазина для

We provide the following services

Order a website in Zhytomyr

Procedure for creating a website in Zhytomyr

Discussion and action plan creation:

  • Discussion of the set goal and clarification of tasks.
  • Writing a technical assignment to get 100% of the result.
  • Collecting the semantic core.
  • Signing a contract in accordance with the created terms of reference.

Website development in Zhitomir Terms of payment 2021


Website development in Zhitomir want to know the cost?

Drawing up the technical assignment
Terms of reference is where a high-quality functional product begins
Conclusion of a contract
The conclusion of a contract is a custom of business turnover, the parties must fulfill the terms of the contract.
First payment prepayment 30%
This is the payment made by the ordering buyer prior to the provision of services
Implementation of functionality on the site
Site functionality is what makes the website useful to the visitor.
Design and prototyping
Design is a content design, a collection of all graphic elements on a web page
Website design implementation
Website layout - design implementation on the customer's website
Payment upon completion of work 70%
Payment of the remaining amount under the service agreement

Website development is an important moment for any company. The site will help your business gain momentum. On the virtual platform, you can offer your services, increase the number of customers, conduct surveys, invite to events, and so on. If you need turnkey website development , contact Bast web-studio – experienced IT specialists will create a website suitable for your company, taking into account all your wishes. The new platform will be your key to increasing sales and attracting new customers.

Website development in Zhitomir for business projects

Contacting Bastweb-studio, you can order:

  • Website development of any complexity. The company is engaged in the development of turnkey websites from start to finish. Also, specialists will create a detailed terms of reference for training your employees to work with the site.
  • Design development. Design goes a long way in attracting customers. If people don’t like the design, most likely they will no longer visit the site. The design includes the development of all graphic details, fonts and other elements that will highlight your content and form the overall impression of the site.
  • Internet Marketing. It involves activating all aspects of online marketing to sell a product or service to customers.
  • Website improvement. Do you already have a website, but is it slow or has certain flaws? Then the specialists of Bastweb-studio will quickly finalize it and fix all technical problems
  • Internet platform promotion. Proper search engine promotion will help you find new targeted visitors from the search engine.
  • Site advertising. High-quality customization, maintenance and turnkey debugging will help attract new customers to the site.

Website development in Zhitomir: why it is better to contact us

Bastweb-studio is a young and promising team of professionals who consider website creation not only their job, but also a hobby. Each project for the company’s employees is its own story, which we manage to live with the client. To create a website, Bast web-studio examines in detail all the “pros” and “cons” of the customer’s company. And only after that begins to create a website that will bring the desired result for the client.

Before starting work, we sign a contract with obligations and guarantees, therefore we always complete the task on time, and also keep constant feedback with the customer. Well, for those who have not yet decided which site they need, we offer a free consultation.

Creation of a site in Zhytomyr was entrusted to us by many companies from different spheres: services, construction, production, education, finance. The result pleasantly pleased the customer, because the number of goods / services sold has increased significantly. Do you want it to be the same with your company? Then quickly contact us to create a new, bright and practical website that will show and tell about your services from the best side.

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