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Today, most of our fellow citizens are looking for companies that provide legal services on the Internet and therefore the creation of a law firm’s website is the most important stage in the development of any such company working with clients.

Benefits of a law firm website

  • A specific offer of a product or service.
  • The easiest way to navigate a law firm’s website.
  • Short page creation time.
  • Fast loading site for a hotel.
  • Control of statistics, the ability to track how text and photos affect the conversion of a law firm’s website.
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We are developing the following sites

Advertising site
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Unique site
Real estate site
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For hotels
from 35 000 UAH
Portal site
from 35 000 UAH
Website for school
Beauty salon
from 35 000 UAH
Online store
from 19 999 UAH
Meeting website
from 35 000 UAH
Discount site
from 35 000 UAH
Landing Page
8 999 UAH
Game site
from 35 000 UAH
Travel Agency Website
from 35 000 UAH
From 4 500 UAH
Website for the restaurant
from 35 000 UAH
For a construction company
from 35 000 UAH
Site catalog
19 000 UAH
Corporate site
Medical site
from 25 000 UAH
Promo site
from 35 000 UAH

Order a legal website

Creation and procedure for ordering a legal website

Discuss and create an action plan

  • Discussion of the goal and clarification of tasks.
  • Writing technical specifications to obtain 100% of the result.
  • Development of a prototype of an ad site, 3-5 options are being created.
  • Signing of the contract, according to the established terms of reference.

Creating a law firm website

  • Website development for a law firm.
  • Approval of the site design for the hotel; prepayment of 70% of the cost.
  • Implementation of the developed design on the site.
  • Connecting the necessary functionality.
  • Filling with text.
  • A / B testing.
  • Training your specialist in working with CMS.
  • Delivery of the site of announcements and payment of 30% of the cost of the site of the law company.

The final step in creating the law firm’s website

  • Domain registration.
  • Purchase and setup of a hosting.
  • Registration of a site in Google i Yandex search engines.
  • Transfer of access to the site, domain, hosting.

Creating a law firm website

Qualitative and prompt legal assistance may be required for every person. Long gone are the days when they took the phone of a good lawyer from relatives and acquaintances, and looked for the address of the notary’s office in the directory. Today, most of our fellow citizens are looking for companies that provide legal services on the Internet and therefore creating a site of a law firm is an important stage in the development of any such firm working with clients.

Why does a law firm need a quality website?

Many people believe that the creation of a legal website is only aimed at attracting new clients. Without a doubt, advertising a company is an important aspect of the Internet resource, but today its functions are not limited to this. The site of a company that provides services of such a plan also allows you to solve the following priorities:

  • Company image support;
  • Attracting new and retaining regular customers;
  • Increasing confidence in the company;
  • Optimization of actions directly related to business processes;
  • Organization of online marketing using effective tools such as SEO, SMM-promotion and contextual advertising.

It follows that creating a legal services site is more difficult than developing a corporate website of a trading company or real estate agency . If you add here also the need to navigate in the main areas of the company’s activities and in legal terminology, it becomes obvious that only real professionals can do such work.

Why choose the Bast web studio

When choosing a site developer for a law firm, the studio’s experience in working with such orders plays a significant role. Bast Web Studio has a number of successful projects related to the legal field and they all work effectively and bring new owners to their owners. It doesn’t matter what you need – the creation of a site for legal advice or a forum for communication between lawyers – you can entrust the creation of the resource to the specialists of the Bast web studio who will cope with any task quickly and efficiently.

Our team is high-level specialists who love their work and do it honestly. We practice a creative approach to performing the most ordinary tasks, so our work is always distinguished by originality and aesthetics. We develop the most common legal website, the creation of which is an ordinary job for other companies, taking into account the latest global trends of web design and try to use as many useful new products in functionality.

Creation of legal sites on a turnkey basis

We have already said that the creation of a law firm’s website is a complex and very responsible process, requiring the developer to thoroughly study the issue and study the competitive environment. In this regard, it is impossible to name a specific price and an exact date for completion of work – these parameters important to the customer are calculated individually for each case.

By ordering a website at Bast Web Studio, we can create a legal website on a turn-key basis, our clients can be sure that the attitude to our task our specialists will be as professional as possible. We offer our customers the following benefits:

  • Responsible work;
  • Compliance with the deadlines;
  • Creative implementation;
  • Reasonable pricing;
  • Progress reports;
  • Testing the finished product.

Bast Web Studio has an excellent reputation and has implemented many legal projects. Our clients were both private lawyers and large companies, as well as notaries, consulting centers and other entities working in this area. Our work always deserves extremely positive customer reviews. The goal of a web studio in each individual case is to create a legal website, the price of which is attractive, and the possibilities are maximum. The cost of our services compares favorably with the industry average and we are always open for dialogue with potential customers.

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