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About company:
The company which is engaged in cargo transportation in Ukraine and neighboring countries. The fleet of vehicles ranges from small trucks to large refrigerated trucks.

Development of a business card website for a transport company according to the customer’s layout. The main requirement is to develop a site as soon as possible.

The strategic session with the client determined the movement vector – it was necessary to come up with a completely new form. Having transmitted through the website that emotion that a person experiences from transporting cargo from point A to point B.


Create a freight website

Although the competition in the freight market is just off scale, many promising enterprises and small firms remain little known due to poor advertising.

How to become famous and become an industry leader?

Compared to other marketing tools creating a freight website is the most optimal investment in promoting your company. This will help:


  • promote your company in the service market;
  • improve the quality of service and the list of services provided;
  • reach a new level of development;
  • increase the number of customers and expand their geography;
  • improve competitiveness and prestige;
  • increase profits.

It’s not necessary to spend a lot of money on creating complex web portals in structure. At the first stages, it’s enough to create a freight website with minimal content and contact information of the company – the so-called business card site with a full list of obvious benefits from collaboration. In the future, with the expansion of the client base, introduce more complex modules, search and tracking mechanisms for cargo, shipping cost calculators and other tools.

The Situation in the Web Design Market

Bast Studio offers to create a cargo transportation site and its content at affordable rates using advanced systems, modules and software tools. Today, many companies offer to independently make a web resource using various services, requiring a relatively small fee. But without special knowledge and skills, such projects are ineffective and will only be wasted money. The lack of selling content, convenient search engines and other nuances will make the independently created site another useless address on the World Wide Web.

That is why the offer from our company should interest you. In a short time, a professional team of programmers and copywriters can create a cargo transportation site with a convenient interface, usability and optimized content for targeted requests of an audience in a region or country. We also use corporate blogs, company registration in the mapping services of popular search engines, promotion on social networks and other mechanisms. The optimal promotion of the resource will take several months, but the result will be a powerful and competitive resource that effectively performs its functions. You will immediately notice an increase in the number of visitors and real customers.

To get a working business, you need to invest in it money and effort. Therefore, you should not exchange for unpromising projects, entrusting the business to professionals for the integrated development of your web brainchild. In a short time, the money spent on creating and promoting the site will bring profit and take your company to a new level.

Создать сайт грузоперевозок. Создать хороший сайт по услугам грузоперевозок.
Создать сайт грузоперевозок. Создать хороший сайт по услугам грузоперевозок.
Создать сайт грузоперевозок. Создать хороший сайт по услугам грузоперевозок.
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