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The best manicure studio on Nivki!

Hello everyone! My name is Ira Deleeva and I am the founder and head of the manicure studio. Here you will definitely find your master! We are professionals who are passionate about their work!

Received an order for website development with a unique design for a beauty salon on Nivki in Kiev.

The owner of a beauty salon ordered a site for his studio located on Nivki, and an online appointment with a certain master was also implemented on the site. The site was designed to be promoted in the search engine using ads.

Website development for a beauty salon, manicure studio

Neatness, grooming, charm, sophistication – these are the main aspects of a beautiful, successful modern woman. Everyone wants to look great in any situation. Beautiful hairstyle, proper makeup, stylish clothes and, of course, well-groomed hands, as one of the final details in the image.

The best manicure studio on Nivki

Irina Deleeva’s studio is not just a nail salon. The atmosphere of comfort, pleasant relaxing ambience and the sensitive attitude of the masters make your visit a real feast of beauty. With us you will not only create a charming image of your nails, but also achieve inner harmony.

Everything from a pleasant environment to the quality work of our professionals is aimed at obtaining a luxurious result that will meet all the requirements and wishes of the client.

A team of professionals is the studio’s trump card

All employees of the manicure studio are highly qualified specialists in their field. They are not only certified graduates of the best manicure schools, but also have sufficient experience in nail service. By entrusting your hands to the masters of the best nail studio on Nivki in Kiev, you are guaranteed to receive:

  • complete nail care;
  • spa treatments for hand skin;
  • professional and well-coordinated approach to work;
  • a manicure that will fully reflect your wishes;
  • work with quality materials of proven brands;
  • aesthetic pedicure.

Client Security

The studio staff are working to make you feel safe, not afraid for your health. Therefore, without fail, we monitor compliance with all sanitary standards.

  1. Disinfection of instruments. Everything that can be disposable is recycled after use. Such devices cannot be reused. All other instruments go through the cleaning stages and are sterilized in disposable kraft bags in a dry heat cabinet. They are opened directly in front of the client.
  2. Clean workplace. The surfaces of the tables are selected in such a way that it is very easy to clean and disinfect them. After the rendered service, in front of each next visitor, the workplace is necessarily treated with approved antiseptic agents.

Regular customers know it’s easy to breathe in the studio. And even allergy sufferers feel great here. This was achieved by installing a powerful air purifier and humidifier.

Glad to every client

We understand that it is not always convenient for a client to sign up for a procedure during office hours. Therefore, on our website you can do it at any time convenient for you. Just click the button to record online. Choose a master and a service. Here you can immediately see the cost of the procedure you have chosen from a specific specialist. Find out the free reception windows and sign up. We are waiting for you at the selected date and time.

Creation of a website for a beauty salon in Web Studio BAST

We met with the salon specialists and directly with its head Irina to discuss the strategy of work on the creation of their productive, functional website. The vision of the finished project and an accurate description of it helped us achieve the understanding that is so necessary for the work. The main condition of the customer is the implementation of the possibility of online registration for the service to the desired master.

The client’s request for Web Studio BAST is law, therefore all conditions have been met. As a result of successful cooperation, a successful functional resource with an original design and logical usability has turned out. The site has been developed for promotion in the search engine using advertising.

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