Creation of a website for the manufacture of custom-made kitchens otomebli


Our specialists have many years of experience

We have been making furniture for many years, and we do our job with all our hearts! We have implemented a large number of kitchens, dressing rooms, wardrobes and other furniture.

The task was set to develop a website with a unique design for a company for the production of custom-made kitchens in the city of Kiev and the region.

The client was prompted to ordering a site a large number of works that have already been done to display them on the site. Also to promote the site in the search engine using ads.

Website development for custom kitchens

Site performance depends on many reasons. But the main thing is the convenience of navigating through it for a diverse clientele. The landing page should be such that the visitor wants to continue acquaintance with it. We are specialists in the field of website development, creation of exclusive design, design and presentation of individual projects. If it’s just 🙂

A customer contacted us with a project “website for custom kitchens”. Well, we are working according to an established scheme. And we start by getting to know the company.

Meet OTOMebli!

OTOMebli is a team of truly creative individuals, experienced professionals in the field of furniture production. These guys know everything about the quality of the material, design solutions, structural strength and original design. They have more than 100 completed projects on their account. The team has about 50 masters. Own workshop for the production of individual elements of furniture structures. Do you know how they conquer a large number of customers?

  1. Efficiency.
  2. Build quality.
  3. The ability to implement client drawings.

We were really impressed. Interestingly, the more complex the project, the more eagerly they take on the task. And they do it! Qualitatively and on time. Imbued with their energy, we started the process of creating a website.

Creative “kitchen” of BAST Web Studio

Our task was to create a web page for the manufacture of kitchens. Although the OTOMebli team is engaged in the complex manufacture of furniture for different needs (dressing rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms), we had to highlight the issue of kitchen production. Well, having our own chips and programs for website design in our hands, we decided what should be as convenient as possible for the visitor.

The site interface was rendered for us in strict classics. No jumping icons or flashing banners. This way the client is guaranteed to be able to focus on the presentation of the company’s services.

The color scheme was supposed to be subdued, but with bright CTA elements. We also pondered the main theme of the site and found what we think is the perfect solution!

Naturally, we haven’t forgotten about filling the site. The list of services, portfolio, team presentation, company contacts – were taken into account, and everything was built in such a way that the client did not have doubts about the competence of OTOMebli.

And we did it!

Well, we’re done! But as always! We present our pride, the site for custom kitchens. What solutions were used by us when designing the site interface:

  • strict geometry (as in the design drawings of the company);
  • all important information in sight: certificates, completed projects, partner companies, contact details and an order form.

The combination of soft orange and turquoise colors has the same effect as the shade does not hurt the eye, but attracts attention.

Website background – we must admit that the decision was collective and almost simultaneous. Imagine all the interesting information about the work of the company against the background of honeycombs. An ingenious solution, because it is the bees that are considered the most hardworking creatures, capable of building honeycombs with flawless edges of ideal sizes. This was the idea behind the theme of the company’s website, which approaches any work with absolute responsibility.

We are ready for you to perform inexpensive high-quality website design from scratch. And believe me, it will work for you as efficiently as you!

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