Website development on CMS WordPress for the construction company Vira


Turnkey construction!

About company:
The VIRA company is engaged in turnkey construction. From private houses to turnkey large architectural objects.

Website development for WordPress business cards for VIRA. The site design was based on a layout developed by the customer himself. The main task was to realize everything as soon as possible.

The strategic session with the client determined the movement vector – it was necessary to come up with a completely new form. Having transmitted through the site that emotion that a person experiences from turnkey construction projects from architectural objects.


Website development for the VIRA construction company

The presence of a high-quality informative website for a construction company plays a big role. Using the Internet resource you can talk about the services provided by the company, the maximum number of potential customers, so every serious company tries to order a construction site .

What information can be posted on the construction company’s website? First of all, comprehensive information about what kind of work is carried out by the organization should be placed on the resource pages. Repair, construction, installation, reconstruction – pages devoted to these types of works will undoubtedly be useful for those visitors who are looking for an artist. To order a construction site with a detailed description of the services provided is the right decision that will allow us to present the company data in full and provide the potential customer with all the necessary information.

It is also important to post on the site information regarding available licenses, certificates and permissions. When choosing a contractor, customers are always interested in the availability of permits. You can order a site with a separate section where official documents will be posted confirming the company’s right to carry out any type of construction work.

Very often, various information is posted on the company’s website regarding construction and installation work already completed. You can also order a website with a separate page where photos of commissioned facilities and customer reviews of the work performed will be posted. Portfolio attractively designed and equipped with high-quality images and professional descriptions – an important element of the site owned by the construction company.

An integral part of a quality resource owned by a serious construction organization is a page with information about the company, its history and key moments of formation and development. When ordering a construction site, you need to provide a place for information about the company, as well as contact information. The section on prices or pricing will not be superfluous. Here you can place price lists or just information about which components make up the cost of certain construction and installation works.

When ordering a construction site, do not forget that its main target audience is serious, busy people. The site design should be restrained and discreet, and the menu should be logical and easy to use. To attract the attention of visitors, it is better to use not catchy graphics, but informative thematic photos that reflect the specifics of the construction company. Very successful, in our opinion, was the site of the construction company “Vira”

Разработка сайта на ЦМС Wordpress для строительной компании Вира
Разработка сайта на ЦМС Wordpress для строительной компании Вира
Разработка сайта на ЦМС Wordpress для строительной компании Вира
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