Development of a corporate website on WordPress


Garage doors for every private home!

About company:
The company novabudova is engaged in the repair and installation of garage doors, of various types. The Nova Budova company has been on the Ukrainian market since 2004 and has vast experience in the sale and installation of sectional (garage, industrial), entry (retractable and swing), safety shutters, marquises, automatic equipment for gates, as well as automatic barriers of world manufacturers.

Development of a corporate website for a company selling and installing garage doors. Initially, the site was hosted by Drupal CMS, as it was difficult for the site owner to manage it, he decided to switch to a simpler WordPress CMS.

A strategic session with the client determined the vector of movement – it was necessary to come up with a completely new form. Having transmitted through the site that emotion that a person experiences from high-quality garage doors.


Разработка корпоративного сайта на Wordpress для компании по продаже и установке гаражных ворот
Разработка корпоративного сайта на Wordpress для компании по продаже и установке гаражных ворот
Разработка корпоративного сайта на Wordpress для компании по продаже и установке гаражных ворот

Order a website for a garage door company

You founded a new company for the sale or manufacture of door systems, shutters and other equipment, skillfully organized the production of products according to various criteria superior to competitors, but your product is stocked up? Small sales and modest income do not suit your ambitions and the hopes assigned to the project? Apparently, you really need to order the right website for the garage door company.

Well-designed created website of a commercial company allows you to increase the number of sales by several times and, accordingly, profit, increase the competitiveness and rating of the brand in the market, in the industry as a whole. Therefore, ordering the website of a garage door company by professionals will be the right solution for the development and further effective stay in your segment.

How does it work?

In order to sell rolling gates, awnings or a sliding system, an ordinary seller in an office or store should tell a potential buyer about at least basic information about each product he is interested in. In time, such an explanation will take 5-20 minutes, to this is added the viewing of existing samples and technical documentation.

The number of clients to whom information can be communicated during the working day will not exceed several tens. How many of them will say: “Well, well, I’ll think about it! If anything, we’ll turn to you ”? But if you order a garage door company website, the number of potential buyers will theoretically be infinite, because hundreds and thousands of potential customers will be able to view the resource at the same time. The geography of orders will also expand significantly, now buyers from other cities and even countries will be able to view the company’s products.

The number of real visitors who visit the portal daily will depend on the quality of the information posted on it. If you order the site of the garage door company from the Bast company, then the resource will contain:

  • detailed information about all the goods and services provided by the company, not a single sales assistant will tell so many customers so much data;
  • additional technical information with the features of installation, maintenance, repair and other specific data in the field of door systems;
  • photographs of all samples of products sold, unique construction solutions and samples of work performed in high resolution; to demonstrate these objects in reality would require a huge showroom or a trip to the locations of completed orders;
  • selling texts with SEO optimization, ensuring the site is in the top of search engines.

Using special software tools, modules, and display cases, Bast specialists will post the specified information on a web resource and it will work for you.

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