Development of a corporate website on WordPress


Breast examination

All the necessary information about the pathology of the mammary glands, diagnosis, treatment, and about each technique separately can be found on our website and you will not have to read cumbersome, frightening Internet articles.

Development of a corporate website for a mammologist onkomologist. The site design was developed by the customer, our task was to bring to life what They wanted.

A strategic session with a client determined the vector of movement – it was necessary to come up with a completely new form. By transmitting through the site the emotion that we receive from a healthy body.


Разработка корпоративного сайта на Wordpress для онкомаммолога
Разработка корпоративного сайта на Wordpress для онкомаммолога
Разработка корпоративного сайта на Wordpress для онкомаммолога

Why does every medic have a website?

Medicine is a complex science. But it becomes even more difficult when you need to attract as many customers as possible. Our people act quite straightforwardly – in case of illness, people either go to the nearest clinic, or self-medicate using the Internet. That is why the idea “to create medical site to order” is correct, people will look for information about treatment, go to the doctor’s resource, come to an appointment. >

The main reasons for creating a medical website to order

In our time of the global spread of the Internet, every entrepreneur starts a page or resource or blog on the Internet. It is logical to assume that in the era of the Internet it is this source that becomes the main place for communication and data retrieval, so every physician is simply obliged to create a medical custom-made website with your office or institution. An example of a site from the BAST studio portfolio only confirms this dictum: when a client ordered a resource, the other sources of clients were instantly eclipsed.

Here are the main benefits you can get by creating a bespoke medical website.

  1. Brand creation. Nowadays, not only products, but also individuals can become brands – a kind of trademark that will be on people’s lips. Any physician should strive for this. If he is popular, then this fame will help him to attract the maximum number of customers and increase the prices for his services. Without an Internet resource – the main source of information these days, this is problematic. Even if the site is just a simple blog where the doctor will consult and make appointments, it will significantly improve the reputation of the doctor.
  2. Ability to record on the Internet. You can add a feedback form to any resource, as well as phone numbers and other sources of information. As a result, you can conveniently talk with clients by making an appointment with your institution. Thus, you can double or even triple the flow of customers to your establishment.
  3. Ability to blog. It is known that people do not trust doctors, and some are openly afraid of them. However, all these distrustful people instantly bow to authority and knowledge, since a smart doctor who understands your problem is a real salvation for any patient. That is why blogging, that is, giving private general consultations, printing articles, explaining your opinion, is very beneficial.
  4. Create portfolio. Nowadays, it is only on the Internet that you can create an effective portfolio, which will display the doctor’s track record, his awards and presentations, permits, a list of equipment in the office or clinic. After viewing such a list, the user will understand that this is not just a single doctor who has just started his own business, but a real master of his craft, who has permission and equipment at his disposal.

However, it is worth remembering that you should not contact “anyhow” for website creation … You need to choose an experienced team, paying attention to the portfolio and the quality of work performed.

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