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The introduction of IP telephony in the enterprise – is a set of measures aimed at creating and setting up automatic accounting of operational, production, financial, accounting and other activities. Such accounting should be functional, convenient and meet the needs of the enterprise.

Benefits of implementing turnkey IP telephony

  • SEO
  • Optimization
  • Accounting
  • Automation
  • Interfaces
  • Marketing
  • Programming
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Procedure for implementing IP telephony

  • Send an email to info@webstudiobast.com with a link to your site, comments, or requirements.
  • We’re analyzing the site
  • We are developing a plan of necessary works with prices for the implementation of IP-telephony
  • We approve the plan, make a prepayment
  • Getting started
  • Support and consultation from 8:00 to 23:00

Integrating IP telephony into CRM

Business people are well aware that customers are needed to promote a business project. Very often it is not one or two contractors, but dozens and hundreds of people and companies. Where is the best place to store such data? In Excel, in the diary, on the phone? The best option that combines a customer card, sales and tasks is a CRM system. This is a customer management tool.

An integral part of the relationship of business partners are telephone conversations. IP telephony integration aims to optimize an organization’s business processes with effective control tools.

What is IP telephony integration?

Telephony is used to communicate between subscribers. The outgoing call is recorded directly in the CRM system, and the customer’s call is also received in the CRM system. This is quite convenient, as you do not need to dial a number and perform other unnecessary actions. The availability of telephony also allows for statistical analysis of the sales department, based on the duration of the call, the number of answered and missed calls, concluded agreements.

Thanks to IP-telephony technology, it is possible to make international calls in real time via the Internet or other IP-system. For the functioning of telephone communications, special gateways are used, which are connected to each telephone set. All gateways operate according to the general scheme:

  • signal reception;
  • digitizing it;
  • compression;
  • breakdown into packages;
  • Send over the destination IP network.

The desired gateway is defined and connected for response using a routing table, you can add, delete or change the IP address at any time.

Integrating IP telephony into CRM allows users to:

  • make outgoing calls;
  • Listen to call history;
  • Find customer information quickly;
  • Quickly create a new caller if the incoming number is unknown;
  • connect to an unlimited number of operators;
  • Connect multiple points to a single network.

Smart routing directly connects the client to a specific manager. This saves time on unnecessary connections with the secretary or other staff. All conversations are recorded by the system, they can be listened to at a convenient time, monitor the work of managers and increase the efficiency of the work process.

Turnkey IP telephony integration

Turnkey IP telephony integration consists of several stages. First, the technical requirements for telephony are analyzed. Then the required server is selected based on the expected loads. Then the whole system is configured, routes for gateways, scripts, etc. are prescribed

Setting up a turnkey IP telephony server & raquo; requires equipment and special settings depending on the requirements and wishes of the individual client. All equipment is accompanied by relevant documents, staff training is mandatory, support and advice in the process. We solve each customer’s problems individually, we offer search engine promotion to get targeted consumers to optimize the work of your company.

Web Studio & laquo; BAST & raquo; provides more than ten services, including integration, testing, layout and & nbsp; site promotion . & nbsp; And this is not a complete list of our capabilities. You can get a free consultation from a specialist at any time. The portfolio will tell about our work.

Qualitatively and inexpensively – our principle, the excellent characteristic!

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