Website development for digitall shopping center


Website development for the shopping center

Digitall shopping center for rental of premises

Website development for a company that is engaged in renting premises. The site was developed on Wordpres, 360 review for the shopping center was also implemented.

The owner of ordered a website a corporate website for his company Digitall. The functionality of the site was implemented as much as possible for the convenience of work

Website development for a shopping center

The site is, figuratively speaking, a virtual seller of your services or products. It is not enough just to create a page on any platform, fill it with a product and wait for a huge flow of buyers. Your site will generate income if you design it in accordance with the required factors, which are often simply unknown to people without experience in performing such work.

The web studio BAST is working on creating sites from scratch, develops a presentation of a landing page, designs the Internet -pages of different topics. And most importantly, we carry out all projects with high quality, regardless of complexity.

Meet our next customer – Digital business center. A company that organizes space for different needs in the most efficient way. And the field of activity has practically no boundaries. The company realizes the space, and we will organize an attractive place on the Internet for it.

Our first encounter with the power of the Digital business center

Our acquaintance was abstract. We were unable to get a feel for the atmosphere in the facilities from the company. But on the other hand, we were able to see them and make sure that we have a team of true professionals who are “sick” of their work and therefore do it perfectly.

After consulting with the company’s management, it was decided to make the presentation in the most restrained style. This is what the customer wanted. At first we decided that minimalism could not convey all the real possibilities of the company. But then they began to think on the following:

  1. What does the visitor want to see when opening the site page?
  2. What questions should the landing page close?
  3. How to display company features on a website?
  4. What will be the highlight of the site?
  5. What color scheme could we use?

In fact, there were about a thousand more questions. But discarding the unnecessary, we made a plan and rushed into battle.

Creative workshop of the BAST web studio

Through periodic disputes in search of a genius idea, we came to the conclusion that such a serious company with more than a dozen completed projects can afford aristocratic restraint. This became the highlight of the DBC website. What design elements did we use during the development of the page:

  • prevailing black and white interface tones;
  • all basic information, including high quality color images, on the home page;
  • embedded map of completed projects;
  • the presence of thematic subsections for easy navigation.

And background. Thanks to the genius idea, he came. Site theme – vector images of modern buildings. Visualization of high-rise buildings with large panoramic windows is an ideal backdrop for a company with such a profile.

Naturally, the company is also on social networks, and we took this into account too. But the icons were made not in the traditional color scheme, but with the use of smooth, black and white graphics. In our opinion, it turned out even better than the original;)

What can we offer for you?

The web studio BAST develops sites, prepares presentations of individual projects, and designs web pages taking into account the wishes of the customer. In other words, we make sure that your site works for you, and not idle as an unclaimed resource. We are successful thanks to these principles:

  • creative approach;
  • a huge arsenal of programs for performing work of any complexity;
  • positive attitude;
  • focus on results.

We offer our services inexpensively and are committed to completing the task on time. Stop working for your business, it’s time for it to start working for you!

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