Development of an online store selling motomix tools


Online store selling motomix tools

Motomix is engaged in the implementation of all types of construction tools

Received an order for website development for an online store on Ocstore 3 with a unique design.

The owner of ordered a website of an online store for his company motomix. The functionality of the site was implemented as much as possible for the convenience of work

Development of an online store selling Motomix tools

The process of developing an online store is always associated with many nuances, which together play an important role in the effectiveness of the site. Taking into account the specifics of the product and the characteristics of the target audience, you can achieve excellent results and create an attractive, functional and, most importantly, a commercially successful resource. The development of an online store for the sale of Motomix tools is one of the many projects completed by the developers of the Bast web studio in recent years. Using his example, we will tell you how such online stores are created and what plays a major role in this work.

Features of the choice of tools and tools for the Motomix online store

Motomix offers a wide range of construction tools from world famous brands. Since the target audience of the online store is male professionals aged 20 to 60, a fairly strict design was chosen, not burdened with unnecessary details and “embellishments”.

The site is based on the Ocstore 3 store based on the simple and convenient OpenCart content management system. This choice was not made by chance – one of our tasks was to create a product, the administration of which will not create difficulties for a user with minimal knowledge and skills.

The Ocstore 3 system, for its part, provides a high level of comfort in working with commodity items, allows you to easily integrate the store into accounting and warehouse applications, and also has its own set of basic functions that facilitate Doing Business. Numerous add-ons for this platform make it flexible and make it easy to add functionality and change the look of your store.

Site functionality first

One of the main requirements of the customer was to provide a high level of comfort for customers. Therefore, the developers of our company have added a rich selection of filters to the functional part of the online store. The product on the site can be sorted by price, manufacturer, material, steel hardness, power and other important parameter for each category of tools. Since the range of Motomix products is very extensive, the implementation of the filtration required a detailed study with the involvement of experts.

The structure of the product cards was also seriously worked out, since the standard approach was inappropriate due to the variety of products. As a result, each product of the store received the sections «Description», «Characteristics» and «Reviews». Commodity items are provided with high-resolution images from multiple angles, each of which can be enlarged with a magnifier.

Construction professionals are busy people who value simplicity and reliability. Therefore, we used not only the traditional «Buy» button leading to the checkout page in the «Cart», but also the «Buy in One Click button». It is very convenient to use the simplified purchase procedure, especially if the order is made from a mobile device in a construction site. The buyer only needs to enter his name and contact phone number and click «Place an order». The store manager calls back at the specified number, and the registration continues already in the telephone mode.

Specialists of web studio Bast paid special attention to the mobile version of the online store. We have tried to make sure that it does not turn out to be truncated in comparison with the main one and fully satisfies all user requests in choosing a product, obtaining comprehensive information about it and placing an order.

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