Creating a website for the production of toothbrushes in Ukraine


We make toothbrushes in Ukraine

In 2014, the company launched the first and only production of toothbrushes in Ukraine. Toothbrushes are manufactured on modern equipment from leading manufacturers “Zahoransky” and “Demag” (Germany).

Received an order for website development for the company that launched the first and only production of toothbrushes in Ukraine. The site was developed with Wordpres. Also, three languages ​​were implemented for the site.

Toothbrush company ordered a website. The functionality of the site was implemented to the maximum, for the convenience of work and presentation of the goods on the site

Создание сайта по производству зубных щёток в Украине | Веб Студия БАСТ
Создание сайта по производству зубных щёток в Украине | Веб Студия БАСТ
Создание сайта по производству зубных щёток в Украине | Веб Студия БАСТ

Creation of a website for a company producing toothbrushes in Ukraine

A toothbrush is a simple thing that we still need to do without. In 2014, Pro-Dent launched the first production of domestic toothbrushes in Ukraine using advanced European technologies and German equipment from Zahoransky and Demag. Of course, over time, the brand needed an official resource, without which no serious business now operates. Order a site the owners of Pro-Dent decided with us, in Bast web studio .

From idea to implementation with Bast

For the only manufacturer of such an important and necessary product in the country, I wanted to create something not quite ordinary, attracting attention, but at the same time not too intrusive. The site was supposed not only to tell about the company and its production, but also to present a product catalog in an efficient and understandable way for visitors. To implement our idea, we have created a calm, even austere theme in white and blue tones, with a laconic but informative menu.

An important advantage of the chosen solution can be considered that the site visitor does not have the slightest questions and difficulties when searching for information, products or contact information. The official Pro-Dent website contains everything that consumers and potential partners need, including all the necessary certificates. From the main page, by clicking on the clearly visible button “Select a brush”, the visitor goes to the product catalog. Here the Bast developers used the following solutions:

  • Two types of product images – general and close-up;
  • Color selection;
  • Brief product description;
  • Specification of main characteristics.

A visitor entering the catalog sees the entire range of brushes with full descriptions. The format we have chosen does not require a transition to the product card, which saves time and eliminates confusion. The certificates customers need are located here, so there is no need to search for them.

For the convenience of using the resource, the site is offered in three languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English. The “Contacts” menu item shows a map of Kiev indicating the exact location of the manufacturer’s head office. There is also a feedback form, address, phone numbers and links to Pro-Dent’s social media pages.

Pro-Dent Site Maintenance

The site for a toothbrush company was developed based on the content management system Wordpres . Thanks to this, setting up and maintaining the resource does not require much effort and fundamental knowledge. A simple administration panel, a minimum of plugins and the possibility of upgrading and expanding the resource in the future are the main advantages that can be listed in terms of the technical part. Even a beginner can manage the resource, while its functionality and reliability are at a high level.

As usual, website development by Bast web studio specialists was carried out in accordance with the latest trends web design . From the very beginning, we worked closely with the customer, taking into account his opinion and making amendments along the way. The project was implemented quickly and without criticism from the Pro-Dent company.

If you produce goods or provide services and want to create a modern, high-quality website , then Bast web studio will help you realize your design. We have been developing resources for business for many years and we know very well what helps to sell and remains relevant for many years. Both large brands and small firms cooperate with us – in the company’s portfolio dozens of successful projects of various topics and directions for Ukraine and other countries. Contact us and you will be convinced that a website created by professionals is fast, easy and not expensive.

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