Support the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Armed Forces of Ukraine, or the Armed Forces of Ukraine, is a key element of Ukraine’s national defense and security.

The armed forces include:

  • Ground forces
  • Air Force
  • Navy forces
  • Special operations forces
  • Airborne assault troops
  • Territorial defense forces
  • Other subdivisions
    • Military law enforcement service
    • Medical service
    • Chaplaincy
    • Legal Service
    • Social and psychological service

They are responsible for protecting the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of the country, as well as ensuring peace and stability in the region.

By supporting the Armed Forces, we express our support to Ukraine and its efforts to protect its territory from any threats. Our support can take different forms:

  1. Financial assistance: We can provide financial assistance for the purchase of modern military equipment, weapons, ammunition and other special equipment that will help increase the effectiveness of the Armed Forces.
  2. Technical assistance: We can facilitate the transfer of the latest technologies and know-how that will improve the military potential of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and provide greater security for Ukrainian soldiers.
  3. Humanitarian aid: We can provide humanitarian aid to the population affected by military conflict. This may include the provision of medical equipment, medicines, food and other necessary resources.
  4. Political support: We can support political efforts and international diplomatic initiatives aimed at achieving peace and diplomatic conflict resolution.
  5. World attention: By talking about the situation in Ukraine and the role of the Armed Forces, we can draw the attention of the international community to the needs and problems of Ukraine and support efforts to ensure peaceful conditions.

It is important to remember that any form of support must be carried out in accordance with laws and international norms and taking into account the needs and wishes of Ukraine itself. Our support should contribute to peace, stability and security, as well as improving the lives of Ukrainian citizens.

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