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We offer solutions for Business. BAST Studio has been working in the markets of Ukraine and the CIS countries, Europe, USA since 2008, offering fast and functional solutions. Modern UX / UI design, secure modular CMS for every successful project!

  • We work under contract.
  • Interact with customers around the world
  • Save on advertising
  • Work on the company’s image
  • Modern web technology solutions.
  • You are the full owner of the site. Documents, domain – in your name.
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Order email marketing consulting

How to order email marketing consulting

Discuss and create an action plan:

  • Discuss the goal and clarify the tasks.
  • Write a technical task to get 100% of the result.
  • Email Marketing Consulting.
  • Signing the contract, according to the created terms of reference.

Email Marketing Consulting

Every year, shopping through online stores is becoming more popular. This is due to the convenience of choice and ease of ordering. Much of the goods are successfully sold through mailings.

Email marketing is one of the most effective tools in site promotion . It is based on building communications between the business and the customer through e-mails. He brings great benefits to a specialist who knows all the intricacies of his business. The right strategy will allow you to interact with the customer for a long period of time and share important information with potential buyers. And in incompetent hands can be a source of mistakes and problems. Email marketing consulting will be useful for owners of well-developed marketing systems and professionals who are starting to work with mailings on their customer base.

Including email consulting

Email marketing consulting includes several important areas:

  • increase brand awareness (logo design, color selection);
  • generating interesting content;
  • providing up-to-date information;
  • selection of the optimal frequency of mailings;
  • Collect and update contacts;
  • contact customers who have subscribed to the newsletter;
  • maintain relationships with existing customers;
  • preparing the chain to heat new users;
  • building a regular customer base;
  • handy letter designer, professional templates;
  • re-sales promotion;
  • regular analysis of statistics;
  • work on bugs;
  • Full control at all stages.

Email Marketing Consulting: Benefits

Email Consulting increases visitor and customer conversion, which has a profitable effect on the company’s profits. Refers to the most cost-effective and inexpensive way to attract audiences. Provides a good result for small investments, because due to the constant return of users increases traffic growth.

Newsletters encourage users to visit the site, maintaining interest in the products offered. With proper analysis and a loyalty program, more than half of customers will make repeat purchases. Newsletters with useful text build customers’ trust, persuade them to make a purchase and purchase related products, as well as return “lost” customers.

The main task of mailings is not only to attract users, but also to keep them, translation into permanent. If the user needs products from your niche, he will mention you first. Such mailings are easy to use, they are not spam and are sent to customers with their prior consent.

Email marketing is suitable for site owners, online stores, bloggers. They allow you to get important targeted actions from subscribers (contact information, comments). Notifications of news, promotions, sales, events are a great incentive to buy goods in your company, so the percentage of left baskets will decrease.

In some cases, effective mailing can be done daily, in others several times a month. It all depends on the reaction of subscribers to the frequency of emails. The first message can be sent immediately after registration. The second – for 2 days. In 3 days – the following. Experiment with different segments, frequencies, and types of mailings.

If you are interested in information about site development , please contact the BAST Web Studio. You can profitably order Email Marketing Consulting in Kyiv from us. Working with professionals will save you a lot of time and help you make a profit.

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