Website development for the sale of automatic gates svit-vorit


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Received an order for website development for a company that installs automatic gates. The site was developed by Ocstore.

An automatic gate installation company ordered a website. The functionality of the site was implemented to the maximum, for the convenience of working on the site

Разработка сайта по продаже автоматических ворот svit-vorit
Разработка сайта по продаже автоматических ворот svit-vorit
Разработка сайта по продаже автоматических ворот svit-vorit

Development of a website for the sale of automatic gates

Not so long ago, representatives of the company selling automatic gates Svit-Vorit turned to BAST Web Studio for website development . The concept was to create a resource that is as user-friendly as possible, with simple and clear navigation. Particular emphasis should be focused on the ability for customers to leave a phone number for feedback.

Stages of developing a site for the sale of automatic gates

For website development, we use a certain algorithm of actions.

  1. Initially, we began to get acquainted with the services provided by this company.
  2. The next step is to study the market for such services, analyze existing sites.
  3. Then, based on the received analytical data, we began to draw up a plan of action.
  4. When each department of the studio received its task, work began on creating an online resource.

In the process of work, we constantly kept in touch with the customer, showed site layouts and coordinated further actions. Before the final version was accepted, the client made changes, and the result was a product that completely satisfied the customer and us, as a developer.

Cover by BAST web studio

The first thing a site visitor notices is an attractive image that emphasizes the overall concept of the site. We do not use template materials. When contacting BAST web studio, the customer can count on:

  • quality and unique design, emphasizing the originality of goods and services;
  • prompt completion of the assigned task, up to 60 days;
  • Adequate cost of work.

The site will not go unnoticed for sure, and this is the main task of the resource to attract potential customers. Based on the theme of the company, our designer chose a discreet orange color, diluted with thematic images of light gray shades.

Contact phone numbers and a form for leaving an application are striking in the “header”, so that employees of the gate accessories supermarket can contact a future client. Information about the company, terms of payment and delivery, services are also prominently displayed on the main page, but are of secondary importance.

Given that the country is mostly bilingual, the site has been developed in two versions – Ukrainian and Russian. Just click on the tabs and all the information becomes available in the desired language.

The Secret of Successful Collaboration

We don’t want to rush a project and move on to a new order. Hard work should benefit the corporate website. We followed this rule when creating a resource for Svit-Vorit.

The site was developed by Ocstore. The main page advertises the main offers of the company and highlights the categories of the market. The visitor can immediately find the necessary goods by category and type of gate. Navigation on the site is simple, and textual and illustrative content gives the visitor maximum information and keeps his attention on the page. Ordering a site included the creation of a mechanism for convenient purchase, communication with managers by leaving a phone number for communication.


We managed to fulfill all the requirements of the customer specified in the terms of reference. We consulted with the client and included him in all processes of creating a web portal. The result is an online product that is already profitable for the owner.

The site has wide functionality, if necessary, you can remove unnecessary tools, add new pages and adjust the content. Visitors have already noted in the reviews the user-friendly interface of the site, for which the customer was especially grateful.

If you have a desire to expand the boundaries of your business, then a noticeable and interesting site will help you get into the Internet space and not get lost in the world wide web. And we will do everything necessary for this.

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