Development of an online auto parts store on the Bitrix CMS


Only high-quality car parts!

About company:
The online store of spare parts Autovolna is the leading Ukrainian resource for the sale of auto parts, auto electronics and auto chemicals. Here you can buy spare parts for foreign cars in Ukraine at affordable prices. Just visit our online auto parts store and you will be pleasantly surprised by the widest range of quality and proven products. Our experienced specialists will help you choose the right product, answer all your questions.

Website development online store on Opencat 2 for the sale of goods. Also the main condition was integration with 1C enterprise trade management. The ability to upload aggregators on the site, such as Prom Rosette Hotline and others.

The strategic session with the client determined the movement vector – it was necessary to come up with a completely new form. By transmitting through the site that emotion that a person experiences from turning on and off the lights in his house or apartment.


Why make a car resource redesign?

It is no secret that now it is the resources for the sale of cars, as well as related services (repair, selection and description of cars) that are very popular. And this is not surprising, because the online store is convenient not only to sellers, but also to customers who are looking for where you can buy auto products at affordable prices. Selling such parts online is very convenient due to the following advantages:

  • no need to rent expensive areas for the store, warehouses for storing goods;
  • salary savings for multiple managers;
  • the goods cannot be damaged by flood, fire or other damage, cannot be stolen;
  • no large investment is required to order an auto parts website and start a business, other advantages.

The obvious advantages of many provoke the start of their own business selling auto parts, but not all as a result stand the competition, finding really something of their own, unique.

The Avtovolna store, which decided to order an auto parts website from the BAST web studio, suddenly burst into the Internet space, but had already managed to gain a foothold in it. After all, it is they who offer customers the largest assortment of automotive products online at competitive prices. The studio was faced with a difficult task: to display the advantage of the store, to emphasize its reliability and solidity with its web design, experience and scale of sales. Judging by the increasing number of Avtovolny clients, programmers coped with their task perfectly.

But if you already have a functioning site, this does not mean that it will be relevant for another 10 years. Some site owners wonder why orders become smaller over time, because two years ago there was no end to customers. What is the reason, what to do to bring people back and bring new customers?

It’s simple – to return the audience to the resource, you need to redesign it. Redesign is a website redesign, full (or partial) updating of placed content, processing requests and key points. No one says that you need to re-order the auto parts site, however, all functions that are out of date will be replaced with new ones.

What are the benefits of a redesign?

Many people do not understand that ordering an auto parts site a few years ago and then using it all their lives is not an option. You can’t go far for an example, each social network re-creates its resource every year and a half, updates the design, and re-integrates itself into requests. Yes, such updates can lead conservative users to their senses, but each redesign brings tens of thousands of new visitors to the site, so the inconvenience is more than justified.

So, what are the benefits of redesign?

Content update. Every year, new car models appear that require other parts and descriptions. The order to update the auto parts site will add new photos, trends, descriptions and other important factors to the main sections of the site.

Recycling search queries. The main flow of people gets to the site precisely by search queries, however, the main “search engines” of the Internet very often change the rules for placing these same lines.

Design update. The visual component of the site is always the “face” of the resource, the main measure that a person lingers on the site and begins to read information. Every year, the trend in design changes, new design techniques fall into fashion.

The ability to change the main points. It often happens that even the name of the site begins to bother.

Thus, if you decide to start a business with the sale of auto parts or take the existing resource to a new level, contact the BAST web studio.

Разработка интернет магазина автозапчастей на ЦМС Битрикс
Разработка интернет магазина автозапчастей на ЦМС Битрикс
Разработка интернет магазина автозапчастей на ЦМС Битрикс
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