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About company:
Our company occupies a leading position in the renewable fuel heating market. Our specialization is solid fuel boilers for all types of fuel (firewood, coal, pellets, briquettes). As well as their installation, supplying customers with solid fuel and cleaning chimneys. We will do all the dirty work for you.

Development of an online store on Opencart 2 for an online store of solid fuel boilers in the city of Kiev. It was necessary to implement a turnkey website as simple and functional as possible.

The strategic session with the client determined the movement vector – it was necessary to come up with a completely new form. By transmitting through the site that emotion that a person experiences in front of the fireplace in the house.


Разработка на заказ интернет магазин твердотопливных котлов
Разработка на заказ интернет магазин твердотопливных котлов
Разработка на заказ интернет магазин твердотопливных котлов

How to order a website redesign of solid fuel boilers

The situation in the country is heating up, gas and light are becoming more expensive, so solid fuel boilers go to the front pages of queries in search engines. It’s time to reactivate your resource so that your solid-state stores sell faster and more actively. But how to increase the attendance of the Internet resource, while not creating a new site ? The answer is simple – order a website redesign. Above you can see an example of such a resource, which after the redesign has become even more popular online store of solid fuel boilers.

Types of website redesign

There are several options for website redesign . Each of them has various functions, starting from the simplest ones (changing the design and editing content), ending with a complete rewrite of the code. More about redesign.

  1. Visual alteration of the resource. This option includes changing the design of the site, the color scheme of backdrops, changing the design of the main page. As a rule, such an option is rarely used, since it does not affect the functional part.
  2. Functional alteration of the resource. A more extensive redesign of the site of solid fuel boilers, which can process some sections and add new functions to the resource. In particular, it may include creating partitions, new pages, connecting software modules. In fact, this option is considered the most difficult to execute, since it often requires changing the program code, adding new links, that is, introduces an imbalance in the executive part.
  3. Technical alteration of the resource. Also, a rather complex type of work that does not affect the functional characteristics of the resource, but changing some technical blocks of the site structure. In particular, a similar redesign of the site of solid fuel boilers is done due to the following problems:
  • improving and optimizing page properties to increase the efficiency of resource promotion in search engines;
  • increasing the speed of the site, in particular, accelerating the opening of sections, optimizing traffic.
  1. Complete alteration of the resource. It is used extremely rarely, most often it is used due to the backwardness of the site in technical terms as a result of a long time of existence. However, the result will exceed all planned results – Runet leaders conduct a complete redesign of the resource every year, for this very reason they remain leaders. At the same time, it is the redesign that is a more relevant solution to problems than creating a new resource, since the master will not have to re-write the code, create a semantic core, but only supplement the existing components. The result is an improved version of an already good resource.

Above you can see the redesign of the site for the sale of solid fuel boilers , which arranged the owner to 100%. The number of clients he has increased, the quality of design has increased, as a result, the site began to bring more income.

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