How to start creating a website

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What you need to know before starting website development?

A lightweight and attractive website is the foundation for any entrepreneur, small business and large company. In the modern world, this is your business card, the face of an enterprise and its presentation. In addition, it is also a direct source of profit, therefore, appropriate attention should be paid to this issue..

If you made the decision to create your own resource, you have probably already been visited by questions where to start creating a website yourself? What does that require? What will the site be like in the end?

Creating a website yourself – where to start better?

the main thing, where to start creating a website, – from an idea, a main goal that should be well thought out. Find examples of online resources, information feeds that you like.

Determine the type of the future site, taking into account the necessary tasks. It will be an advertising resource, business card, store or portal. To understand more precisely creating your site, where to start, ask yourself the following questions:

  • what is the main purpose of the site;
  • who is the main audience;
  • what are the priorities;
  • final expected action.

Thanks to such simple questions, a model of the future site is being built..

Creating your own website – where to start? Detailing the project

An important detail, where to start creating a website, – it is the preparation of future content, content. Collect and structure the bulk of the information, and for this:

  • select the material of the main sections – key texts, photos;
  • make the structure of sections, subsections with titles;
  • decide on functions, sequences;
  • prepare materials for publication.

When everything is ready, you can make visual sketches of the structure, script work. So you can avoid small gaps and a large amount of small corrections in the future..

Prototyping and design

When the idea and basic structure are ready, you need to create an interactive prototype. To do this, we combine the outline of the structure, images and content. Thanks to special programs, we make everything clickable, consistent. Thus, you can check the work of the idea in dynamics..

If you are satisfied with all the interactions, you need to start design actions – give the structure and content an appropriate design. As a rule, when it passes website creation yourself where to start design is the arrangement of elements, color scheme, icons, ratio of sizes and shapes.

It is important to end up with a pleasant, visually and understandable structure. Correctly identify accents that will interest and lead visitors to a potential goal – purchase, registration, etc. Even at this stage, you can contact specialists who will analyze possible errors, help in the plan site improvements.

If you decide to deal with the issue yourself, but do not know where to start creating a website, on WordPress it is possible to manage your resource without programming skills. There you can also find many design templates that will simplify your work..

Website technical improvements

To turn ideas into a working resource, you need to implement the technical part. Here, knowledge of the code is especially important, because this stage is the most important – layout of the template, programming of functional modules, connection. If you work on ready-made CMS WordPress modules, it will be enough only to make corrections as needed, while the system itself will make the necessary encodings.

Even when the site is ready, it is defined on the hosting under the selected domain, so that it begins to effectively perform its tasks, you cannot do without site promotion. For many years the web studio “Bast” has been creating really successful projects, original sites that display every single idea in detail. Turning to the specialists, you will receive a finely elaborated implementation of your idea in the shortest possible time. Build your website effortlessly and at an affordable price.

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