Effective website promotion plan

План эффективного продвижения сайта

Site promotion plan

Seo promotion is a topical marketing tool on the Internet that helps to increase search traffic. The information provided below is necessary for those organizations that want to promote the site or find SEO specialists. Here you will learn about the main stages of seo optimization and what services are provided by the BAST Web Studio.

Main stages of promotion in Google and Yandex

Seo optimization is divided into 4 main blocks:

  • basic promotion;
  • elaborate on the structure of the resource;
  • finalization of the online site for the rules of search engines;
  • additional work.

Each process has its own specifics and requires certain knowledge and skills, on which the further success of the site depends.

Basic Promotion – Block 1

The main task of the first block is to set up the correct indexing of the resource. At the same time, you need to make minimal efforts to increase the number of page impressions for search queries of the target audience.

  1. Adding a site to Google and Yandex webmasters. Experts provide a set of tools that analyze and track the technical parameters of the online resource, as well as its changes.
  2. Set counter. With its help, the study of resource indicators is carried out: conversion, the number of visits, the behavior of the target audience. The right analytics helps to quickly find the flaws and errors of the online site.
  3. Carrying out technical website promotion . Improving the quality of the resource is carried out by eliminating technical deficiencies. For example, a 404 error or incorrect indexing. Also, fixing these problems allows you to promote the page to the top results of Google and Yandex. Before the advancement according to the technical parameters, a seo-audit of the site is required.
  4. Optimization of page title. It consists in uniqueizing pages, adding keys and creating a title so that it is attractive to users. Title tells search engines what the site is. If it is the same on all resources, then as a result the titles will be truncated, which is unattractive for Google and Yandex. With the help of the seo-module, the correction of errors in the title of the page is accelerated.
  5. H1 heading adjustments. It is necessary in cases where the title is duplicated or does not describe the full information of the site. The H1 heading is the basic information that tells the user what the site is.
  6. Identify factors causing low loading. The ranking is greatly influenced by the website loading speed. The sooner the page loads, the faster it will move up in search engine rankings.

These are the main points in SEO promotion. Depending on the type of resource and the number of errors, a standard promotion can be done in two months. The price of services for online resources of informational and corporate type is $ 500 for 30 days, the price for business card sites – from $ 1000.

The next step is to develop the site – editing structural content, improving ranking factors and usability.

Working out the structure of the resource – block 2

  1. Collecting the semantic core and working out the structure of the online resource. The semantic core is a large number of target audience searches that relate to your online page. Each request corresponds to a certain group, and on their basis the structure of the resource is developed. Seo-core is used to write text information, detailed key adjustments, and create landing pages.
  2. Collect priority keys for tracking. Tracking the dynamics helps to correctly assess the effectiveness of SEO optimization.
  3. Working out the structure of the resource. It consists in creating low- and medium-frequency queries with their future promotion. The list of pages to create is formed depending on the semantic core. Such work allows you to attract the necessary traffic to the resource.
  4. Writing text content. An important characteristic of the ranking of online pages is textual information. To increase it, you need to add text with a lot of content keys to the site. It is also important to consider the fact that the articles are useful to the audience.

It’s worth remembering that optimizing and creating landing pages is a long and laborious process. The price of the service depends entirely on the scale of the project.

Development of an online resource for the rules of search systems – block 3

  1. Check links and competitors. The main parameter site optimization is the link mass on external pages. Their placement on third-party resources favorably affects the promotion of the site in the first positions of search engines. The main task is to analyze competitors and develop a further action plan. After that, based on the plan, you need to purchase links every month.
  2. Auditing business factors. It helps to check the main characteristics of the project, namely: the usability of the resource, the completeness of data on the services and goods that the company deals with.
  3. Commercial factors have a large impact on the ranking of a resource in the search engine.
  4. Embed micro-note. The snippet in SERP can be expanded using a micro-note. It helps to make it more clickable and attractive to the user.
  5. Resource adaptation to work on mobile devices. Every year the number of users who use modern gadgets is growing. A site that does not have a version for smartphones will go lower in the top results of Google and Yandex.

The cost of improvements directly depends on the state of the resource, whether there is a need to fix the mobile version or carry out audit work. Basically, the price of effective promotion is from $ 1000. If other problems and difficulties are found in the resource, the time and cost of work may increase.

Additional work – block 4

  1. Transferring the site to the https version. For the target audience, this protocol guarantees the confidentiality of their personal information, and for search engines it is considered a signal for promotion.
  2. Embedding breadcrumbs. They influence the formation of navigation in the snippet and the correct elaboration of the link mass. They also help to create a convenient search for the necessary information on the site for each client.
  3. Alt filling of images. The search engine cannot read the pictures correctly. The alt tag determines which element is located in the image. The right keywords will increase the relevance of your online pages, and you will be able to search for the images you want.
  4. Check site for non-unique text information. Text relevance is important to the page. Search engines drop a page in the top results if information is “stolen” from another site.

This work takes 24 hours, and the price is $ 200.


In practice, a set of services may exclude the conduct of any items. Each individual project requires a personal approach in order to achieve effective optimization. Contact the services of BAST Web Studio , where specialists will conduct a high-quality analysis of the resource, its competitors and develop the correct, optimal action plan.

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