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    Website development brief

    When website development it is very important to write down and systematize all ideas regarding the structure, design of the resource. A brief for creating a site is a summary of a project for creating a web resource, thanks to which you can systematize information both for developers with designers, and for yourself. The brief is a specific template with questions about the functionality of the site, structure, design elements, wishes, etc. It is necessary to optimize the process of working on the portal, to keep all the details in sight.

    Brief writing required

    The brief essentially becomes some kind of instruction, a way of understanding between the customer and the creator of the Internet resource. It is important to fill out a brief for creating a site at the very beginning in order to:

    • find mutual understanding among performers and customers;
    • give a realistic assessment of the necessary resources for implementation;
    • enable the performing party to evaluate the scope of work in detail;
    • Agree on the cost and time of creating the product.

    Thus, the customer forms his exact tasks, and the performer evaluates the scope of the work. A brief survey is also performed during reconstruction, refinement or changes, when website promotion.

    Brief for creating a site – an example of a questionnaire

    The brief-questionnaire unites the customer and all the performers involved in the preparation of the site into one team with a clear understanding of the end result. The form of the list of questions itself can change, for example, the brief for creating a corporate website will radically differ in the nature of the questions and the volume from the questions for creating a landing page. Therefore, there is no single mandatory form of questions, but there are key aspects that you should always pay attention to. If there is no idea at all, you can independently find a brief for creating a site, an example of which meets your basic wishes, and build on it.

    Indicative brief content always includes.

    • General information about the company – type of activity, as well as a description of your services, products, offers to users, advantages over competitors and prospects.
    • Information about the project – what tasks it will carry, and what it will present to the user, what results you plan to achieve in the end, how do you see the finished site through the eyes of the client.
    • Information about the expected target audience – who is your buyer in the future, what is the main age range, occupation, etc.
    • Desired future site – wishes in design, details, accents. In addition to the standard header and footer, which is important on the main page, how you see the navigation of moving through sections.
    • May need a unique design solution.
    • The style of the company – the presence or absence of a corporate logo, a call to action, ways to remember the company.
    • The specifics of the content – based on the direction of activity, what basic information the site will be filled with – blogs, articles, posters and similar features.
    • Timeline and budget for the creation of the project – in order to avoid further disagreements with the team.

    You need to describe everything briefly, but in detail. In order for the developers to have all the necessary details in sight, not to get lost in the text, you need to fill out a brief for creating a site for 3-5 pages. A brief for creating a website design at times simplifies the process of creative design of a resource. When the developer is confident in the chosen artistic solution, the process goes quite quickly, ends with the design of all the agreed details and transfer to further development.

    BAST web studio specialists have a justified reputation for creating high quality unique websites. You can contact us by filling in the main questions in advance at your discretion or download a brief for creating a site from our representatives. Even if you have a ready-made resource, we can easily help you improvement of the site, update outdated navigation, design elements and other necessary moments
    you. You are guaranteed to receive a high-quality web resource without unnecessary time and financial costs.