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Order a chat bot for the site

We offer solutions for Business. BAST Studio has been working in the markets of Ukraine and the CIS countries, Europe, USA since 2008, offering fast and functional solutions. Modern UX / UI design, secure modular CMS for every successful project!

  • We work under contract.
  • Interact with customers around the world
  • Save on advertising
  • Work on the company’s image
  • Modern web technology solutions.
  • You are the full owner of the site. Documents, domain – in your name.
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Order chat bots for the site

How to order a chat bot for your site

Discuss and create an action plan:

  • Discuss the goal and clarify the tasks.
  • Write a technical task to get 100% of the result.
  • Chat bot for the site.
  • Signing the contract, according to the created terms of reference.

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Chatbots: why do you need them

Since 2018, creating a chatbot for the site is of natural interest to owners of Internet resources of various orientations. Common examples: online stores, railway and airline ticket services, sites that allow you to remotely make an appointment with a doctor, and more.

According to marketers, chatbot for business in the next 2-3 years will replace the services of operators. Today, more than 50% of customer responses are made by computer programs.

Business chatbot: implementation efficiency

Entrepreneurs in the modern world pay close attention to site promotion. A striking example is the use of innovative marketing tools. The chatbot in this context, according to experts, shows high efficiency.

It is a common misconception that a chatbot is an artificial intelligence that configures itself to work. Yes, the implementation of progressive solutions allows the program to respond quickly to customer requests, but the responsibility for uninterrupted work lies with the executing company. Therefore, creating a chatbot for an online store or for other sites is recommended to trust trusted webmasters.

Advantages of program implementation:

  • personalization – work begins with the client’s consent to the processing of personal data, which allows you to track its activity;
  • efficiency – the bot responds instantly according to the set scenario;
  • Info Alerts – Messengers read messages more often than emails;
  • availability – the decision to order a chatbot affects the expansion of the client base, allowing you to interact with even the most “difficult” & raquo; users.

Developing chatbots for business: what to look for?

Typical entrepreneur’s mistake: order a site, and that’s where the brand awareness will end. Expert assessment, based on real examples, confirms that the creation of the site is the beginning. Promotion is needed for effective development. And developing chatbots for business in this context is a competent marketing tool.

Criteria for the program:

  • There are no violations of the logic of the dialogue;
  • doesn’t work with a template, but with a brand;
  • accurately performs the task;
  • gives the right answers and suggests the right solutions;
  • works on all platforms.

Given the effectiveness of the implementation of a computer program, there is a question about the cost of its development. The final price depends on many factors. In particular, we are talking about affordable functionality and expanding the scope of service. Experts recommend involving trained masters in creating a chatbot in this version. The cost of services depends on the speed of order fulfillment and additional both informational and technical support.

How do I create a chatbot?

Want to order a chatbot for business? The specialists of the BAST Web Studio will help with a quick solution to this issue. The list of services provided also includes site development. Our masters, based on knowledge and practical experience, create resources with individual design and advanced functionality. We work according to the technical task previously agreed with the customer. The implementation of marketing decisions affects the promotion of the resource.

Contact our managers for more information. Available communication methods and work schedule are listed on the main page of the studio’s website.

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