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Site support


For the stable operation of any site, its technical support is required. However, for small Internet resources, there is no sense in hiring an employee (site administrator) for a full time. Here you can order the “Site Support” service and get the necessary help and advice on all issues related to the operation of your site.

What is included in support of the site

What is included

in support of the site

  • Weekly backup site
  • CMS Kernel Update
  • Upgrading CMS Modules
  • Finalizing the project
  • Weekly virus check
  • Quick response to requests
  • Help in filling

Price to support the site


to support the site

Price: Negotiated.

Per month.

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Service technical support site

For the successful promotion of business in modern conditions it is extremely important to have an effective Internet resource owned by the company. Every minute idleSite Support. Technical support of the site. Technical support services site portal can cost the profits to its owner, therefore support of Internet sites is an important and actual problem. It allows you to solve many technical issues that arise during the work of the website created and regularly update the materials posted on it. There are 3 cases of support of Internet sites: technical support, information support, development and updating of the site.

Technical support of sites

This kind of support for Internet sites is provided when the site stops working or is aimed at ensuring its operation all the time. The site may not work for several reasons..

  1. The site owner did not pay for hosting or forgot to extend the domain.
  2. Site hacked or infected with viruses. Such technical support of Internet sites is aimed both at eliminating the consequences of hacking and at eliminating it..
  3. Technical support includes: protection against hacking, restoration of work after failure, protection against viruses, maintenance of corporate mail, monitoring of the technical condition, hosting of a resource.

Service information technical support site

This set of actions is aimed at ensuring timely updating of both textual and graphic content of the site. After all, the profitability and attendance of the portal directly depend on the relevance of the information placed on it. This type of support can be carried out independently. In this case, the duties fall on the owner of the site or on the employee of the company. Professionals from outside companies can also be involved for this purpose. Informational web site support includes: content update, service maintenance with constant updates, media content, translation into foreign languages, control of competitive sites.

Site development and update

As a rule, the site does not require frequent global updates, current work is enough. But sometimes a complete upgrade is needed: the site became inconvenient for visitors, too much information on a large number of pages, or the portal was corrected so much that it became difficult to figure out what where; the site has become obsolete morally; new tasks for the company; the site has ceased to conform to the internal structure; technical problems with rights and access; pages are loading slowly. In any case, updating the site is necessary for the most effective performance of its functions. For any online resource, as for a living organism, it is important to maintain and develop, support various systems and functions. All changes in the company should be immediately reflected on the site. Only regularly updating and developing a resource can keep the attention of the target audience, ensure the popularity and website promotion. And from this often depends on the profitability of the business.

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