Promotion of groups in social networks (SMM).

Promotion of groups in social networks (SMM)

Social networks

Social networks


Advancement in soc. networks is a great way to increase brand awareness, attract the target audience to the site, generate loyalty to visitors and increase sales. This line of Internet marketing is suitable for both B2C sector and for B2B.

The choice of this or that site (VKontakte, Facebook, Classmates, Google+, Twitter) for promotion depends on the target audience.

Advantages Advances in social networks


Advances in social networks

  • Experience of promotion since 2008.
  • Professionalism.
  • Honesty.
  • No hidden fees, everything is open.
  • Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Contacts!

Cost Advances in social networks


Advances in social networks

Price: Negotiated

Per month.

To order

The order of actions when ordering promotion in social networks.

  • Selecting a social network
  • Development of a promotion strategy
  • Creation of a brand-platform (group, community or additional page) for contact with the target audience.
  • Integration of the site with social networks.
  • Developing interesting content.
  • Attraction of visitors
  • Daily (or weekly – by agreement) group management.

Promotion of groups in social networks

Practically each of us dreams about his small business in his heart and spends more than an hour a day thinking about what to do? What could be relevant today – services, clothing, products? But sooner or later the long-awaited time comes, when the solution is still found – open your online store. What to do if there are hundreds of similar online stores in the city alone?

At a certain time, we all choose for ourselves a profession, beloved or not, who are lucky – someone builds houses, someone writes books, someone counts money, and there are those who create websites and make them becoming recognizable from thousands of similar. This is our job, our profession and it is our favorite thing for us – to make your little online store become popular in a short period of time. One of the main tools in this business is social networks, namely, the promotion of groups in social networks.

So, where do we start?

First of all, we will receive complete information about what your store does. Let us analyze whether it will be useful and attractive only for a certain age category of the population or different? Then we will decide what we want to achieve – recognition of your store, creation of consumer confidence, and attraction of new customers. Finally, we will create groups.

Then we have developed our own strategy for success – the promotion of groups in social networks. Our experience and knowledge gained over 10 years will allow us the following.

  1. Make it so that information about your online store is useful for the audience, and the group is unique in comparison with all the others.
  2. Daily increase the number of people wishing to join the group and, accordingly, the users who visited your site.
  3. Make the group bright and colorful, with lots of photo and video.

Our concept of promoting groups in social networks is based on:

  • allow everyone who wants to express their opinions through live communication with each other and with us;
  • advise anyone interested in the goods (services) presented in your online store;
  • interest in the relevant shares;
  • organize contests, sweepstakes with prizes in the form of goods presented on your site;
  • publish posts, news reports with new items, announcements.

For our part, providing services for the promotion of groups in social networks, we will carry out the following items.

  1. We will analyze each negative feedback left in your group and draw the appropriate conclusions for improvement.
  2. You will not spend time on tracking new subscribers, blogging, advertising – we will do it for you.
  3. We work with many social networks with millions of users.
  4. We will provide you with a weekly report on our work in a form convenient for you.

Why do you need an employee who will expand the client base for a full salary if we do it much faster and with a minimum investment on your part. With us you get only fair prices and 100% dedication of employees who will lead your project from scratch.

Our goal is to make people know about you. Do not hesitate, we will achieve this.

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