Updating the Site on Magento

Updating the Site on Magento

Do you want to run the site in work? But the developer somewhere is gone? Does not answer the calls? Does not answer the mail? Content management system Magento? I will help you finish the development of the site! Or make new changes, update, fill!


Order for Site Improvement

  • Experience since 2008.
  • Safe working methods.
  • Adding new functionality.
  • Modernization of the site for new requirements.
  • Making Changes to Design.
  • Competitive price Quality guarantee.
  • Full reporting.


Updating the Site

Price: negotiable!

Depending on the work.

To order

The order of work when revising the site on Magento.

  • Send a letter to info@webstudiobast.com with a link to your site, with comments or requirements.
  • I’m analyzing the site.
  • The plan will be developed, the necessary work with the prices for the finalization of the site.
  • Approval of the Plan, prepayment.
  • Support and consultation from 8 – 00 to 23 – 00

Finalization of the site on Magento. Professional revision of the site at CMS Magento

Finalizing Magento

Management System online store Magento is a functional and simple platform for conducting trade on the Internet, which is used by 30% of sites offering goods or services. Despite the fact that the developers have tried to make this system intuitive, working with it requires the presence of certain skills and knowledge. That’s why such a service as Magento revision is always in great demand from the owners of online stores. Our company provides professional services for making changes to the system that manages online trading, as well as correcting errors that have arisen through the fault of the user or developer.

When you might need to finalize Magento?

Not the first year doing Magento development , we can formulate several reasons, because of which the intervention of an experienced specialist may be necessary:

  • the developer of the online store failed you and did not complete the work;
  • The system was damaged due to unprofessional actions of employees;
  • It is necessary to make changes that allow to extend the functionality of the platform.

Here are only the most common cases when you need to modify Magento . There are also many other reasons why software requires professional attention.

How we do our work?

In order to effectively perform the necessary website development for the normal functioning of the online store, we use a certain algorithm of work. Work with the resource is done in this order:

  • We accept an order from you with a description of the problem or comments;
  • specialists of the company make the analysis of the system;
  • a plan is adopted with a description of certain works;
  • the plan is approved by the customer with a discussion of the items;
  • prepayment for the facility is made;
  • Updating Magento by our specialist;
  • delivery of the finished ordered site to the customer and the final settlement.

To anyone who sees this list for the first time, it seems that the tidying up of the Magento platform is a very long procedure. In fact, everything happens as quickly as possible. The speed of any operations in the system depends on the qualification of the specialist, and in our web studio BAST your site will fall into the hands of the real masters of their business.

We do better and faster

We are trusted by our sites both large companies and individuals – we offer excellent service at very attractive prices. We have an individual approach to each client, and to find out the approximate cost of doing some modifications, the client needs to contact our specialists and describe the problem. High speed of work execution is also one of the important factors that makes customers choose our company as executors. Disconnected or incorrectly working online store – it’s always lost money and the longer the site is faulty, the more its owner loses. We perfectly understand the specifics of the work, so we act cohesively and promptly!

We are engaged in technical revision of the following CMS sites

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