Creation of web sites on a turn-key basis. Order the creation of a turnkey web site.


Creation of sites to order in professional web studio BAST.

Landing Page is a specially designed web page whose purpose is to provide information about a product / service to a potential buyer and encourage it to purchase / order. Also using this page collect contact data of visitors, the target audience.

Development of quality Landing Page takes from 4 to 7 days, the choice will be given three design options, from which you choose what you like best.

Landing Page is suitable for most industries and businesses, both large and small. With Landing Page and contextual advertising. you will have calls tomorrow.

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A one-page website is a selling page that provides one or more products, or a specific service. A selling single-page site is developed specifically for contextual advertising. This is the fastest and most effective way to attract customers for new and young sites. The development takes from one to three days.

We will try to create your site as accurately as you want it to be.

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The business card site is a small site (from five to ten pages) on which pages the brief information about the company, its goods / services, contacts is placed. This view is suitable for young projects. But, nevertheless, it can always turn into a larger project.

The business card site is a simple and inexpensive way to express yourself, about your company or services / products on the Internet.

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Corporate site – today without it simply is not possible the existence of an average or large company. If you need to raise the image of the company, its recognition, increase customer confidence and, accordingly, sales, order Corporate website will be the right decision.

Solidity, image, this is what we will pursue when developing a corporate site.

A corporate site is a large, fully functional website that consists of dozens of sections and hundreds or thousands of pages. Its purpose is to show the status of the company on the market, to provide customers and partners with all the necessary information. In the corporate site there are no restrictions on the number of pages, there are no restrictions on the functionality. Suitable for medium and large business.

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An online store is a specialized website with the help of which you can sell products on the Internet. You do not need to buy / rent premises and open a store. All products can be placed on the virtual display window.
Online store – it’s profitable! Customers do not have to waste their time on the trip. He will be able to review everything on your website, and only then place an order.

Today, with the help of an online store, you can sell everything from nails to gold jewelry or fur coats. This is convenient for both sellers and buyers. The main thing is the competent creation of an online store. Convenient virtual showcases, high-quality images, understandable descriptions of goods, etc.-all this affects sales. If you need an online store that will really sell, order its development from us.

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On the Internet today, millions of sites, most of which are very similar to each other. If you want to stand out among the competitors, entice the maximum of visitors and stun them with a non-standard Internet resource, then creating a site with a unique and exclusive design is what you need.
Tired of templates? I want something new and unusual. We will translate any of your desires into reality.

A unique website is, first of all, an individual approach to the solution of the problem. It can be any site from site business cards to online store How a unique website is ordered, photographers, deputies, artists, and not only. The development of such a project takes from 10 days, depending on what will be the technical assignment.

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Creation and development of sites under the order.

Order Site under the Key

Preparation of the technical assignment.

The Terms of Reference is the work plan that will need to be done to implement your project. When developing the site, it will be our main document.                                                        

Discussion of Terms of Reference.              

Once the terms of reference for your project have been drawn up, you will need to discuss it with the working group to exclude further questions.                                                         

              Project development.              

Development of the project, its implementation in accordance with your terms of reference. Convenient content management system for you and your employees. Quality guaranteed!

Creation of sites to order in Kiev. What will be different about your site?

Convenient and adaptive design for all mobile devices. Starting from phones, tablets, netbooks and ending with large monitors.

Nice fonts of the site, beautiful and many talking pictures. All this for you and your visitors.

User-friendly interface, thoughtful menu of the site. Quickly working project will not leave you disappointed.

The ability to insert any video and in any volume from different Internet resources.

Services for the creation of sites inexpensively.

Creative ideas, non-standard approach, innovation and determination!
Let’s start!

Creation of selling sites on a turn-key basis in Kiev

The owners of companies pay more and more attention to their corporate sites, considering them as the vanguard or branch of their sales department. And this approach fully reflects the current trend in world trade: more and more buyers make purchases or order services through the Internet. And if you want to be in this trend, then our web studio offers the creation of marketing sites. What in general is a selling site?

What is a corporate marketing website??

Any Corporate website, those. owned by any company, enterprise or agency, must meet three requirements:

  1. To attract attention, to be convenient and understandable for the visitor.

Your site is the face of your company. Therefore, it should be bright, attractive and understandable to the visitor. Navigation of the site should offer, first of all, goods or services, and not the history of your company or the list of your branches. Therefore, often on the main page of the site place top or promotional offers that should interest the visitor, make him stay on your web resource.

  1. Informativeness. The site should provide the visitor with a maximum of information in text, illustrative and video format. In addition, the creation of a web site should involve the inclusion in the structure of the Internet resource simple and understandable tools for the rapid updating, addition or editing of information about specific product items or offers.
  1. Simple ability to make a purchase or ordering a site on a turnkey basis. Creation of sites on a turnkey basis necessarily involves the development of a simple and reliable mechanism for making a purchase of the goods item displayed on the web site or registering the ordered service.

If you meet these three basic requirements, you can argue that your site can really become a seller. From you still need to fill out the web resource with information and conduct a set of activities to bring it to the top of the search engines. But once again, at the heart of mass sales via the Internet is always the creation of sites (Kiev) according to the requirements described above.

Benefits and benefits of cooperation with our web studio

So, why should you create a turn-key site in our web-studio? Because we offer you a number of benefits and advantages:

  1. Efficiency of the decision of tasks in view. In fact, you will work with the direct executor. The absence of any “boss-subordinate” bundles significantly increases the speed of the work, while reducing its cost.
  2. Creation of sites on a turn-key basis (Kiev) both on the existing templates, naturally, taking into account all your wishes, and the development of fundamentally new schemes and solutions.
  3. Subsequent maintenance of the created sites – adding new pages or deleting unnecessary, installing new tools for working with the site, expanding its functionality, etc..
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