Finalizing the Site on WordPress

WordPress site development

Do you want to run the site in work? But the developer somewhere is gone? Does not answer the calls? Does not answer the mail? Content Management System WordPress? I will help you finish the development of the site! Or make new changes, update, fill!


Order for Site Improvement

  • Experience since 2008.
  • Safe working methods.
  • Adding new functionality.
  • Modernization of the site for new requirements.
  • Making Changes to Design.
  • Competitive price Quality guarantee.
  • Full reporting.


Updating the Site

Price: negotiable!

Depending on the work

To order

The order of work when the site is upgraded to WordPress.

  • Send a letter to with a link to your site, with comments or requirements.
  • I’m analyzing the site.
  • The plan will be developed, the necessary work with the prices for the finalization of the site.
  • Approval of the Plan, prepayment.
  • Support and consultation from 8 – 00 to 23 – 00

Modify the site on WordPress. Professional revision of your site on CMS WordPress.

Site development on wordpress – what is it and what for?

Working with your site brings a lot of problems, most of which can be solved only by a professional in his field. Therefore, many companies and organizations prefer to hire qualified specialists to create their own website. After site creation, those. its basis, is the process of refinement. WordPress finalization is performed for resources such as corporate websites, online stores, online shopping sites, news portals and blogs, as well as for many others. All these sites are linked by one goal – a modernized advanced service that will be of interest to users and that will bring profit, new customers to the site owner. 

Modifying the site on WordPress is:

  • plug-ins, their connection, working out and adjustment;
  • designing a unique coding system for searching a site when entering a query, entering special codewords to expand the search;
  • code optimization from the inside, in order to improve SEO-promotion;
  • designing a site map;
  • design design for the site, for each part of it;
  • optimization of the speed of page loading, input of special data for faster functioning of the site, without hangs and bugs;
  • search for viruses, getting rid of viruses and installing super-powerful protection against burglary;
  • removal of all faults in the original site code;
  • creation of mobile applications for the site (optional);
  • checking the operation of the site through browsers on mobile devices and finalization.

Website development on WordPress price.

To troubleshoot the page of the site or for the best functioning of your page, you will absolutely need to update the site on WordPress, the price of which varies depending on the complexity of the upgrade, the elaboration, the volume of the page and the amount of information. The refinement process is launched only after a thorough site check by a specialist. All inconsistencies and shortcomings are identified, the amount of work is checked and the deadline for delivery of the finalized site is established. After the final announcement of the cost, the parties agree on a prepayment, after which the process of working on the site is launched.

Working with the site does not necessarily take place immediately after its creation. Often companies for a long time without problems use the resource, receive orders and do not face system errors of the site. After some time, any site, especially in unprofessional hands, can catch several viruses or simply require to reinstall plug-ins (if any). The resource can start to hang, to knock out the error 404 or even “fall down” and not work. In any case, professional assistance will not be superfluous. Site development is an important and necessary process for business development, attracting more customers, improving the organization’s image. After all, a qualitatively improved website is not only a larger number of users, it is also the image of the company, its business card. After completion, the service becomes maximally user-friendly and multifunctional, without bugs, hang-ups and other problems.

We are engaged in technical revision of the following CMS sites

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