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MODX support

Many sites are made on the popular CMS MODX. To protect the security of the site, you must constantly support CMS MODX and modules. If you are following the latest updates of your site, this is a guarantee of stable and safe operation of the site on the CMS MODX.



  • Security.
  • Protection from viruses and burglary.
  • Fast.
  • Qualitatively.

Cost of Support


Price: negotiable

Time Support from 10 hours per month

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Support Modx

The Modx platform is a versatile new generation engine designed for use with the Web 2.0 standards. A powerful and simple site development and management system, easily extensible through modules and plug-ins, is open source and distributed free of charge. Sites created by based on this system, they are distinguished by high functionality and stability. Support Modx, performed professionally and in a timely manner, ensures the smooth operation of the resource and the growth dynamics of its rating in the issuance of the main search engines.

Why do you need Modx support?

Today, CMS Modx is one of the most functional systems and therefore it is widely used to create resources of various types and subjects. Site development Based on this engine, this is not an easy task, which only a specialist can perform qualitatively. But, having received a ready, working resource, many site owners forget that without technical support from Modx, stable operation of the system is simply impossible. What is necessary to ensure that the site is as efficient as possible and does not create problems for its owner?? Site maintenance includes the following types of work:

  • Eliminate errors in the site code;
  • Diagnose and remove viruses;
  • Expanded site functionality;
  • Modify individual graphic elements of a resource;
  • Regular backups.

Technical support Modx is a particularly demanding job that cannot be assigned to a random person. The fact is that with extremely simple and intuitive administration, this platform has a number of technical features that radically distinguish it from other popular CMS. This complicates the maintenance task and places specific demands on the specialist..

Let Modx support professionals

If you are looking for real Modx specialists, then web studio “Bast” – This is a place where you will surely be helped. Our web developers are well aware of all the subtleties of this content management system and easily solve any problems that arise during the operation of CMS. Among our regular customers are both large companies and government institutions, and individuals. Numerous positive feedbacks on the work of masters from “Bast” are the best recommendation for new customers.

It is believed that professional services in the web industry it is very expensive. Bast is ready to dispel this myth – we offer our customers an adequate pricing policy and a full report on the work done. In other words, we take a reasonable price for our services and are ready at any time to tell the customer what works are being done at the moment. The beginning of the Modx support work is always preceded by a discussion of all the details. Contact us and forget about the malfunction of your resource!

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