Modify the Site on MODX

Modify the Site on MODX

Do you want to run the site in work? But the developer somewhere is gone? Does not answer the calls? Does not answer the mail? Content management system OpenCart? I will help you finish the development of the site! Or make new changes, update, fill!


Order for Site Improvement

  • Experience since 2008.
  • Safe working methods.
  • Adding new functionality.
  • Modernization of the site for new requirements.
  • Making Changes to Design.
  • Competitive price Quality guarantee.
  • Full reporting.


Updating the Site

Price: negotiable!

Depending on the work.

To order

The order of work when modifying the online store on MODX.

  • Send a letter to with a link to your site, with comments or requirements.
  • I’m analyzing the site.
  • The plan will be developed, the necessary work with the prices for the finalization of the site.
  • Approval of the Plan, prepayment.
  • Support and consultation from 8 – 00 to 23 – 00

modifying the site on MODX

Modx Modifications

Modx is an easy-to-use professional content management system for websites, which provides their creation, convenient editing and management. Due to its free distribution and accessibility, it is to be used both for personal and commercial purposes. The program supports most web servers, and the control panel of the program works in almost all browsers. Written in a special programming language PHP.

Editing Modx sites

The essence of modifying Modx is to creating a unique site with a convenient structuring of data, a special design, in accordance with the goal – further advancement product or service. Also, this term means the improvement of existing projects, various technical support and maintenance, installation of anti-virus protection.

Updating the site on Modx consists of the following services:

  • updating the content management system – creating a megamenu by product category;
  • the transfer of this site to Modx management and the modification of its original structure;
  • programming and improvement of the site – the development of new blocks for placing textual information, images, thematic galleries, sliders;
  • correction of different in nature and style of errors;
  • Change hosting or server on which the site is located;
  • Increase usability – internal optimization of the site: sorting of goods, creating filters by categories;
  • imposition of templates and content;
  • recover lost data and passwords;
  • export and import settings;
  • installation of online consultants and counters.

Also, the development of feedback to the site in the order form of calls is quite widespread and is in demand, correspondence on e-mail. The settings of the personal cabinet on Modx will simplify the use of the site.

The cost of work depends on the complexity and type of service.

Working with Modx Revolution

From 2010 to the present, the newest service of this sphere is in operation: Modx Revo, a completely modified and rewritten version of Modx, built on a different code base. A distinctive feature of modifying the sites on Modx Revolution is the “multisite” of the program – it has the function of processing more nested categories and systems, it offers ample opportunities to work with one or several sites of one spatial installation. The Modx Revolution program significantly expands the possibilities in the development of software modules and the formation of the basic structure of the site and simplifies the improvement of the existing functionality. Naturally, for professional revision of sites it is best to seek help from specialists with rich experience and perfect knowledge of all aspects of the security of content management sites. It is known that for the best promotion of the product, high-quality advertising and original presentation of information on the product are needed. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of an exceptionally unique kind of site, which discloses this information. Also you can order a site on a turnkey basis in our web-studio BAST.

We are engaged in technical revision of the following CMS sites

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