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Many sites are made on the popular CMS Magento. To protect the security of the site, you must constantly maintain CMS Magento and modules. If you keep an eye on the latest updates to your site, this is a guarantee of a stable and safe operation of the site at CMS Magento.


CMS Magento

  • Security.
  • Protection from viruses and burglary.
  • Fast.
  • Qualitatively.

Cost of Support

CMS Magento

Price: negotiable

Time Support from 10 hours per month

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Support Magento

Control system online store Magento is one of the most popular E-commerce platforms in the world. According to statistics, more than 100 thousand online stores operate on the basis of this system, and 2 thousand extensions have already been released to improve the functionality. Magento is not only the most popular platform, but also the simplest. Deal with the management of an online store on it can be very quickly and without assistance. At the same time, support for Magento can hardly be considered an easy job that anyone can do – only a specialist can properly maintain the online store on this platform..

Why is Magento service needed?

Even the most flawless site in the process of work begins to create problems for its owner. Slow loading, incorrect display of information, malfunctions – these phenomena are also inevitable when operating an online store. The result of these failures will inevitably be the loss of customers and, of course, a decline in sales. The support of Magento, carried out by professionals, will save you from the trouble with the technical condition of the resource and will allow you to focus fully on the business..

What is meant by site support? This popular service today includes measures for maintaining an online resource in working condition, or rather:

  • Diagnose and remove viruses;
  • Troubleshoot code errors;
  • Optimization of site loading speed;
  • Install add-ons, modules and updates;
  • Changes to resource functionality.

We can say that the concept of support Magento means site maintenance, aimed at maintaining its work and increasing efficiency. This task should be carried out exclusively by a specialist, because in the case of an online store, the cost of the error may be too high.

Choose support from “Bast”

Dozens of companies-owners of online stores on the Magento platform have already chosen technical support from web studio “Bast”. Our employees are highly qualified masters who relate to their work with high responsibility. In the process of maintenance, your online store is completely safe – our specialists create backup copies of the site, so the information is protected from any accidents. After carrying out any work related to the technical support of Magento, a mandatory testing of the resource is carried out with a detailed check of the functionality of all its pages. We offer various tariff plans that provide a different amount of work on site maintenance.

Web Studio “Bast” is always adequate prices and close interaction with the customer. You will always be aware of what works are performed on your resource and will be able to make the necessary adjustments. Before starting work, we agree on all the details. We will make your store on CMS Magento perfect from the technical side and as functional as possible.

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