Site update. Updating the website. Order an update to the website.

Updating your CMS website

Обновление CMS

CMS update


Many sites are made on popular and free CMS. To protect the security of the site, you must constantly update the CMS data or modules.

Benefits Update CMS



  • Security.
  • Protection from viruses and burglary.
  • Fast.
  • Qualitatively.
  • Is free.

Cost Update CMS


Updates CMS

Price: Negotiable

Update time from 2 hours.

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Website update

Specialists involved in the promotion of web resources are well aware of the importance of the website update. The need to carry out this type of work may be associated with a change in the company’s activities, the emergence of new directions and business objectives. A quality update contributes to an increase in the number of targeted visits, as well as increased interest in products and services presented on the booked site. Many people believe that a ready-made, workable site can be served by a system administrator or even a secretary. Such an approach often causes a significant decrease in the efficiency of a resource or even its complete “loss” from the indexing of search engines. Updating is a procedure that must be performed by a specialized specialist who clearly understands the task and owns the amount of knowledge and skills necessary to perform this responsible work.

Types of site updates

For many, updating a site is adding or changing content posted on its pages. In part, this is true, but with a professional approach, texts and pictures alone are not enough. By updating a website I mean many types of work, the most popular of which are:

  • Updating the information provided on the site. Usually, in order to modernize the resource, content is added to its pages in the form of text, illustrations and video materials. Also, such an update involves placing new products on the site or even simply changing the descriptions and prices;
  • Resource design. Changing the look of the site is a great way to attract the attention of real visitors to it. Over time, the design of any resource becomes obsolete, and such a redesign can be considered inevitable.;
  • Update website in technical terms. Expanding the functionality, making changes to the interface and managing the resource not only make the site more attractive to users, but in many cases, increase its value in the eyes of search engines;

There are other types of updates – experts can name dozens of options for making improvements that can make the resource better..

How to update content cheaply?

Our company offers professional update of sites by highly qualified specialists. We offer our services at an attractive price and are ready to do the job quickly and efficiently. The cost of updating a web site depends on several factors:

  • set goals;
  • workload;
  • site administration system;
  • terms;
  • technical specification format.

Our company practices in work an individual approach to each client, therefore the price is formed in the process of communication with the customer. We are ready both for a one-time execution of work on updating your resource, and for long-term cooperation, which implies regular site maintenance by our qualified specialists. Contact us and we will definitely agree!

Site update. Updating the website. Order web site update.



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