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Many sites are made on the popular Joomla CMS. To protect the security of the site, you must constantly support the Joomla CMS and modules. If you are following the latest updates of your site, this is a guarantee of stable and safe operation of the site on the Joomla CMS.


CMS Joomla

  • Security.
  • Protection from viruses and burglary.
  • Fast.
  • Qualitatively.

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CMS Joomla

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Time Support from 10 hours per month

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Support Joomla

Joomla content management system is one of the most popular CMS in the world. The absence of a fee for use, a simple interface, a huge number of plugins that add functionality – the list of advantages of this system can be continued for a very long time. But the reliability of the system, which is so praised by web developers, can mislead the user. The myth that a stably working resource on this CMS doesn’t need support is widespread among website owners, costing them a lot of nerves and money. Joomla support is an integral part of the “life” of any site and ignoring it can lead to very serious problems.

Why do you need support Joomla

Any, even the most flawless site requires systematic service. Without the support of Joomla begins to falter and over time, problems only accumulate and worsen. Typical signs that no one is engaged in a resource are:

  • Increased page load time;
  • Loss of positions in the search results;
  • Damage to the site by viruses;
  • Incorrect display of information;
  • The inaccessibility of individual pages or the entire site for visits.

The causes of such problems can be accumulated in the process of the site errors, extraneous intervention, outdated plugins and much more. Needless to say that problems with developed sitethey bring tangible losses, since the funds invested in the promotion of the resource and advertising are wasted in vain, and the level of customer confidence in the company with a non-working site is rapidly falling. Joomla support is a set of measures aimed at supporting the resource in the most efficient state and promptly eliminating errors and malfunctions.

In order for the site to develop dynamically and become more efficient and useful, they need to be engaged from the first day of its appearance on the Web. But even if no one was engaged in support and the resource was in a “neglected” state, it is never too late to give it into the hands of qualified specialists and put in order.

How does Joomla support work?

Our studio BAST not the first year engaged in the support of Joomla and knows perfectly well what is needed for the Internet resource to develop and bring income to its owner. Web Studio Specialists«BAST» -these are true professionals with specialized education and solid experience working with sites of various types and directions. In order to ensure the quality of the site and the dynamic growth of its popularity, we use the most effective methods and the most modern technologies..

Many believe that professional site support – it is expensive. We are ready to prove that it is not. Contact our managers, and we will provide comprehensive information on prices and work order. You will be pleasantly surprised by our pricing policy and will certainly be interested in working with the web studio “Bast”. And very soon you will see the result of professional support for Joomla, which is always obvious.

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