Training your employees to work with the created site


We will train your staff how to work with the created site


Courses and Trainings

  • Your employees will be able to work with the site.
  • Do not need to look for a specially trained person.



courses and trainings.

Price: at no charge.

Private negotiation.

To order

The procedure for training your employees.

  • Send a letter to with a list of employees and questions of interest.
  • Within 12 hours you will receive a response with a preliminary schedule for the training.
  • We agree and make adjustments according to the schedule.
  • We begin to train your employees.
  • Support and consultation from 8:00 to 23:00

Training your employees to work with the created site

In the world of computer technology, what you know and how much is in demand is of great importance. Therefore, it is not surprising that many companies offer services for training your employees to work with the created site. It’s easy to explain it – often it happens that the employee has the necessary knowledge, but in order to work on a new site, he needs to tighten his skills and move on. Or the situation is different, when a new person is taken to work, which must be taught to work by a certain technique. In this situation, too, you need to train your employees to work with the created site so that the newcomer can immerse himself in the work, effectively working for the benefit of the company. But then a natural question arises: where exactly is it to find the personnel that is suitable for him to be able to work for you. Moreover, he could share his knowledge and get new ones. In these cases, the last thing you want is to waste time looking for the same people. Most often, job seekers come to interviews, who are completely unsure of their skills and believe that this is enough.

How to train employees to work fully?

It has long been known that brilliant people are extremely rare, who get everything right away. However, if you approach thoroughly training of your employees to work with the created site, then it is quite possible to make the employee get a good qualification, and for the shortest possible time. This is what our company is engaged in, which trains your employees to work with the created site. They are very responsible for their duties here. The client himself can decide which employee he wants to send for further training. After all, it can be already trained personnel, which increases their skills, or an absolute “kettle”, which should be trained entirely from scratch. And all this occurs, proceeding from the purpose, specificity of a site which was created for work. The first thing they do here is find out what the employee was doing. Next, we study what the resource is for. After this, the process of training the employee begins so that he can know his duties perfectly. A program is selected for individual training of each employee in question.

Trained employee – company confidence and work efficiency!

It should be borne in mind that by investing in your employee means, you can return them quickly enough, given the effectiveness of his work after training. So, when you turn to the web-studio “BAST”, you make the right choice, which you can soon see. We are ready to train your employees to work with the resource created by us or your site. Training takes place in a relaxed atmosphere, perhaps on your territory or on our own. Classes can be conducted in individual or group form. The size of the group does not exceed 4 people, so that the efficiency was at a high level.

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