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Single site promotion

[fusion_text] Promotion of one-page sites in search engines First of all, let’s start with the fact that we define what a one-page site or also referred to as a business card site. Unlike the usual Internet portal, this resource has no links to other pages, only to its location within itself, i.e. move up / […]


Order the creation of a selling page in Kiev

Create a sales page Nowadays, creating a selling page, or as it is also called landing page, is a very popular service. This page is nothing more than a site consisting of just one, but very seriously thought out page. The main task of such a resource is the motivation of the client to make […]


How to create Landingham yourself?

How to create Landingham? First of all, it’s worth understanding – what is Landingham? In fact, it is only a one page website that is designed to gently push the customer to order the service described or to make a purchase. Companies are especially often used by this Page to attract as many customers as […]